11/28/17 - Current Events

Melania Trump, Rural wisdom vs. Urban ignorance, the Electoral College, Wisdom vs. Knowledge

November 28, 2017 • Dave Kistler, Sam Rohrer

Current Events from a Biblical and Constitutional Perspective. Topics discussed include: The actions of Melania Trump. Rural wisdom vs. Urban ignorance. The importance of the Electoral College. Difference between wisdom and knowledge.

12/1/20 - Getting This Right for the Future of the Republic

December 1, 2020 • Dave Kistler, Sam Rohrer

Getting This Right for the Future of the Republic. Topics discussed include: Getting This Election Fiasco Fixed Right Now! The Latest on Battleground State Legal Challenges. Voting Machines & Georgia.

11/30/20 - If We Don't Get This Right, Our Nation is Done!

November 30, 2020 • Sam Rohrer

If We Don’t Get This Right, Our Nation Is Done. We are joined by Leo Hohmann (Investigative Reporter, Independent Freelance Journalist). Topics discussed include: We Must Get This Right. The Chinse Communist Party Involvement and What It Means. The Unfolding Coup: It’s Real. Donald Trump Will Win….We’re Not in This to Lose.

11/27/20 - The Miracle of Thanksgiving

November 27, 2020 • Keith Wiebe, Bethany Blankley

The Miracle of Thanksgiving. We are joined by Bethany Blankley (Journalist). Topics discussed include: The Miracle of Situation, Squanto, Survival, and Sustenance. Originally Aired: Nov. 20, 2020