10/23/17 - "Proven In Battle"

An inside look into the life of a Christian Gold Star Family

October 23, 2017 • Isaac Crockett, Gary Dull

"Proven In Battle" - An inside look into the life of a Christian Gold Star Family. We are joined by Burton Kephart (author "Proven In Battle", son died serving in Iraq in 2004). Topics discussed include: A look into the state of our Armed Forces after 8 years of spending cuts. “Proven In Battle”: the testimony of Jonathan Kephart and his family. Pres. Trump’s actions and inspiration behind “Proven in Battle”. Direct steps that each of us can use to find God’s peace in hard times.

10/25/21 - The COVID Truth

October 25, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Gordon Donaldson

The COVID Truth: From a Frontline Doctor. We are joined by Gordon Donaldson (DO, Morgantown Family Practice). Topics discussed include: The Role of a Frontline Doctor. The Frontline Reality. The COVID Health Impacts.

10/22/21 - Rich Men and Big Pharma

October 22, 2021 • Isaac Crockett, Gary Dull, Guest: Matt Recker

Rich Men and Big Pharma: Conditioned to Comply. We are joined by Matt Recker (Pastor, Author). Topics discussed include: Ministry in New York City. The Warning of Revelation 18:23. Transhumanism: Could it be Part of the End Times? Overcoming Anti-Semitism.

10/21/21 - The U.S. Constitution

October 21, 2021 • Keith Wiebe, Gary Dull, Guest: David New

The U.S. Constitution: God Influenced or God Absent? We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: Who was James Madison? Madison & Religion. Secularism: A Positive or Negative Influence?