2/20/20 - Health Freedom Update

The Relentless American Pursuit of Socialized Medicine

February 20, 2020 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull • Guest: Twila Brase

Health Freedom Update: The Relentless American Pursuit of Socialized Medicine. We are joined by Twila Brase (Pres. and Co-Founder of Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom). Topics discussed include: Democrat Debate Overview. The Status: Socialized Medicine in the U.S. Let the Patients Decide! Coronavirus: The Dangers of Quarantine and The Emergency Health Powers Act.

3/8/21 - Living the Authentic Christian Life

March 8, 2021 • Isaac Crockett, Sam Rohrer, Shane Pruitt

Living the Authentic Christian Life. We are joined by Shane Pruitt (Evangelist; Author; National Next Generation Evangelism Director, North American Mission Board). Topics discussed include: God and Generation Z. The False Claim that God will never give You more than You can Handle. The Bad Theology of Thinking “God Just Wants Me To Be Happy”. Originally Aired: 10/12/20

3/5/21 - The Danger of Paganism in Today’s Culture

March 5, 2021 • Gary Dull, Dave Kistler, Micah Clause

The Danger of Paganism in Today’s Culture. We are joined by Micah Clause (Faith Baptist Church). Topics discussed include: Are Conservative Christians Losing the Battle in Contemporary Culture? Examples of Paganism in Culture. The Strategy Behind Paganism. Responding to the Evil Strategy of Paganism.

3/4/21 - Drawing the Line for Truth

Biblical Interposition and the Culture • March 4, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Matthew Trewhella

Drawing the Line for Truth: Biblical Interposition and the Culture. We are joined by Matthew Trewhella (Pastor, Author). Topics discussed include: Interposition: Defined, Demanded, Described, and Detailed.