Stand in the Gap Today Archives

9/16/21 - Threats, Mandates, and Coercion

September 16, 2021 • Guests: Matthew T & Jamie M

Threats, Mandates, and Coercion: The Biblical Response. Sam Rohrer is joined by Matthew Trewhella (Pastor, Author) and Jamie Mitchell (APN Director of Church Culture and Pastoral Engagement; Founder, E-18 Solutions). Topics discussed include: When the Evil Bear Rule. The Biblical Duty of Those in Authority. When Do I Leave My Job? The PPP of Resistance (Personal, Practical, and Principles).

9/15/21 - Faulty Measurements, Onerous Restrictions, and the Unmasked Truth

September 15, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Twila Brase

Faulty Measurements, Onerous Restrictions, and the Unmasked Truth. We are joined by Twila Brase (President and Co-Founder of Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom). Topics discussed include: Faulty Measurements. Onerous Restrictions. The Unmasked Truth. The Patient Toolbox.

9/14/21 - Urgency

September 14, 2021 • Dave Kistler, Gary Dull, Guest: Frank Shelton

Urgency: Understanding the Times and How We Should Respond. We are joined by Frank Shelton (Evangelist, Author). Topics discussed include: Having Perspective. Where Are We Going Prophetically & Politically?

9/13/21 - The King Speaks

September 13, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Guest: Leo Hohmann

The King Speaks: Sit Down, Shut Up! It’s Not a Matter of Freedom. We are joined by Leo Hohmann (Investigative Reporter, Independent Freelance Journalist). Topics discussed include: The King Speaks. Confuse, Deceive, and Redefine. Ignore the Law. Responding Rightly.

9/10/21 - Will The True American Christian Please Stand Up?

September 10, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Isaac Crockett, Guest: George Barna

Will The True American Christian Please Stand Up? We are joined by Dr. George Barna (Researcher, Speaker, Founder - The Barna Group). Topics discussed include: Profiling the Contemporary American ‘Christian’. Comparing and Contrasting. The ‘Integrated Disciple’ and the Culture.

9/9/21 - Influencing the Constitution

September 9, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Guest: David New

Influencing the Constitution: Then and Now. We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topic discussed include: Coercing the COVID Injection. Influencing the Constitution: Then and Now. The Darwin Influence on the Constitution. Defeating the Darwin Disaster.

9/8/21 - Prophetic Dominoes

September 8, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Guest: JR McGee

Prophetic Dominoes: The Afghanistan Fallout and Nation Alignment. We are joined by JR McGee (CEO X-Stream Leadership Group, Geopolitical Expert, Biblical Scholar). Topics discussed include: The Sinister Afghan Exit. The Afghan Ripples in the East. Afghanistan and the Faltering U.S. Allies. Afghanistan, Prophecy, and the Days Ahead.

9/7/21 - Resisting Tyranny

September 7, 2021 • Dave Kistler, Gary Dull

Resisting Tyranny: When & How? We are joined by Chris Hughes (President, Citizens For America Foundation). Topics discussed include: What is Tyranny? Pushing Back Against Tyrannical Actions. How Should the Pulpit Resist Tyranny?

9/6/21 - Rebuilding the Black Family

September 6, 2021 • Joe Green, Gary Dull, Guest: Dean Nelson

Rebuilding the Black Family. We are joined by Dean Nelson (Family Research Council; Fredrick Douglass Leadership Institute). Topics discussed include: An Introduction to the Enduring Strength of the Black Family. It is not Racism or Poverty; it is Broken Families. The Fatherless Generation. The Strategy to Restore Families. Originally Aired: 6/15/21

9/3/21 - Ask Sam

September 3, 2021 • Isaac Crockett, Sam Rohrer

Ask Sam: Episode 6. We are joined by Sam Rohrer (President, American Pastors Network; SIGT Host). Topics discussed include: Arrogance Against God. Vaccination Tension. Leadership in America. Dropping Public School Enrollment.

9/2/21 - Health Update

September 2, 2021 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Tamzin Rosenwasser

Health Update: Physicians, Patients & Free Speech vs Government, COVID, & Controlled Speech. We are joined by Dr. Tamzin Rosenwasser (MD). Topics discussed include: The Right and Necessity of Free Speech. Attacking Physicians and Free Speech: Contemporary & Historical. Use It or Lose It.

9/1/21 - Israel and Mideast Update

September 1, 2021 • Sam Rohrer

Israel and Mideast Update. We are joined by Bill Koenig (Founder, World Watch Daily; Former White House Correspondent). Topics discussed include: America Wounded. Biden, Bennett, God, and Ida. NATO Falling - Russia Rising. Israel Alone.

8/31/21 - My Body, My Choice

August 31, 2021 • Joe Green, Sam Rohrer, Guest: Jeremy Samek

My Body, My Choice: Religious Exemptions and Pro-Choice Agendas. We are joined by Jeremy Samek (Senior Counsel, PA Family Institute). Topics discussed include: Employer Mandates: The COVID ‘Vaccine’ & Constitutional Rights. Mandates & The Pro-Life Movement. Resources to Fight Employer Mandates.

8/30/21 - 10 Principles to National Renewal

August 30, 2021 • Sam R, Keith W, Dave K

10 Principles to National Renewal: Principle #9 – Building Safeguards into the System. Topics discussed include: The Need for Safeguards. The Reason for Safeguards. The Model for Safeguards. Required Safeguards.

8/27/21 - Ask Sam

August 27, 2021 • Isaac Crockett

Ask Sam: Episode 5. We are joined by Sam Rohrer (President, American Pastors Network; SIGT Host). Topics discussed include: The Death of Jimmy DeYoung. Discussing Vaccines. Big Tech Censorship. Persecution in Afghanistan.