Stand in the Gap Today Archives

6/1/23 - Is “The Big Bang Theory” Just a Big Bust?

June 1, 2023 • Issac Crockett, Joe Green, Guest: Rob Webb

Is “The Big Bang Theory” Just a Big Bust? We are joined by Rob Webb (Answers in Genesis). Topics discussed include: What is “The Big Bang Theory”? Is a Big Bang Compatible with a Biblical Worldview? James Webb Telescope Evidence. Belief in a Time of Confusion.

5/31/23 - Learning from the Land

May 31, 2023 • Jamie Mitchell, Sam Rohrer, Guest: Jim Ayers

Learning from the Land: Israel Geography and Biblical Understanding. We are joined by Jim Ayers (Pastor; Chaplain; Professor Emeritus). Topics discussed include: Sam Rohrer Update from Israel. Connecting Geography to History and Theology. Locations, Sights and Places in Israel. Is It Dangerous? Tips for Going to the Land.

5/30/23 - Restoring Our Rights of Liberty

May 30, 2023 • Jamie Mitchell, Dave Kistler, Guest: Brad Dacus

Restoring Our Rights of Liberty: Preserving Law and Order. We are joined by Brad Dacus (President, Pacific Justice Institute). Topics discussed include: Why Liberty and the Importance of the “Rule of Law”? The Rise of Lawlessness and Some Causes. How A Corrupt Judicial System Threatens Liberty. Steps for Restoring Lawfulness.

5/29/23 - What Makes for Good Soldiers Yields Honorable Veterans

May 29, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Jeff Niklaus

What Makes for Good Soldiers Yields Honorable Veterans. We are joined by Jeff Niklaus (Founder, Compliant Technologies; Veteran). Topics discussed include: The Role of the Good Soldier. Approaching Life as a Faithful Soldier. Service and Support. 

5/26/23 - The Real Victims of Pro Choice

May 26, 2023 • Isaac Crockett, Joe Green, Guest: Dean Nelson

The Real Victims of Pro Choice. We are joined by Dean Nelson (Bishop; Chairman, Douglass Leadership Institute). Topics discussed include: The Douglas Leadership Institute. Jeremiah 1:5 Project. The Pro-Choice War on Women & Families. Standing for Truth and Justice.

5/25/23 - To Give or Not to Give

May 25, 2023 • Jamie Mitchell, Dave Kistler, Guest: Mark Walker

To Give or Not to Give: Truth about Campaign Financing. We are joined by Mark Walker (Former NC Congressman). Topics discussed include: Why Money is Important to Elections. The Nuts and Bolts of Campaign Finance. The Never-Ending Question of Corruption. Knowing Where to Give.

5/24/23 - God’s Prophetic Plan for Israel’s Neighbors Including Jordan and Egypt

May 24, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Bill Salus

God’s Prophetic Plan for Israel’s Neighbors Including Jordan and Egypt. We are joined by Bill Salus (Prophecy Depot Ministries). Topics discussed include: An Imminent Israeli Pre-Emptive War? The Psalm 83 War Participants, Timing, & Results. Jordan, Egypt, and Biblical Prophecy. Allowing Prophecy to Impact Our Lives.

5/23/23 - Discrimination of the Worst Sort

May 23, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guests: Sherri Tenpenny, David Peters

Discrimination of the Worst Sort: When Hospitals Sanction Death. We are joined by Sherri Tenpenny (Osteopathic Doctor; Medical Researcher) and David Peters (Attorney, Pacific Justice Institute). Topics discussed include: Denying Transplants: The What and Health Justification. Describing the Legal Status. Shortened Lives But Available Treatment. 

5/22/23 - A Final Warning to the Last Generation

May 22, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Brent Miller

A Final Warning to the Last Generation. We are joined by Brent Miller (Film Producer, Director, and Writer). Topics discussed include: Introducing Brent Miller. Prophecy: Its Purposes, Disdain, The Biblical Remnant, and the Contemporary Church. Eating with the Enemy Release.

5/19/23 - Fighting for Families

May 19, 2023 • Isaac Crockett, Sam Rohrer, Guest: Ben Sisney

Fighting for Families. We are joined by Benjamin Sisney (Attorney, American Center for Law & Justice). Topics discussed include: ACLJ Fighting for Families in Nevada and Washington State. Facing the Challenge?

5/18/23 - Social Media Addiction in a Digital World

May 18, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: James Spencer

Social Media Addiction in a Digital World: Consequences & Solutions. We are joined by James Spencer (President, D.L. Moody Center). Topics discussed include: Who is James Spencer and What is the Mission of the DL Moody Center? The Problem and Consequences of the Social Networking Sites Addiction. One Solution – Go Dark, Shine Bright Campaign.

5/17/23 - Israel Attacked but Not Forsaken

May 17, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Albert Veksler

Israel Attacked but Not Forsaken. We are joined by Albert Veksler (Founder, Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast). Topics discussed include: Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Update and Status of World Prayer for Israel. Jerusalem Day & The Jewish Observance of Pentecost. Israel in the Midst of Attack. Israel, Iran, and the Road Ahead.

5/16/23 - Restoring Our Rights

May 16, 2023 • Jamie Mitchell, Guest: Ron Joelson

Restoring Our Rights: The Pursuit of Happiness, Work, Wealth, and Joy. We are joined by Ron Joelson (Former Chief Investment Officer). Topics discussed include: The Pursuit of Happiness and the Value of Work. Diligent Work Leads to Personal Wealth and Independence. Guarding Against Greed. Christian Happiness = The Pursuit of “Joy”.

5/15/23 - The Rise of King Charles

May 15, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Leo Hohmann

The Rise of King Charles: The Man and His Mission. We are joined by Leo Hohmann (Investigative Reporter, Independent Freelance Journalist). Topics discussed include: Charles: The Man and His Mission. 

5/12/23 - Shocking Pandemic Impacts on America’s Faith and Spiritual Response

May 12, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Isaac Crockett, Guest: George Barna

Shocking Pandemic Impacts on America’s Faith and Spiritual Response. We are joined by George Barna (Researcher, Speaker, Founder - The Barna Group). Topics discussed include: Motivation for Pandemic Response Research. The Contradictory “Born Again” Responses. The Cause for Self-Contradictory Response. The Implications and Solutions for Our Sin.