4/30/24 - Pastoral Rest

Shutting Down from Doing Ministry

April 30, 2024 • Steve Harrelson , Guest: Gary Weaber

Pastoral Rest: Shutting Down from Doing Ministry. We are joined by Pastor Gary Weaber (Standing Stone Ministries). Topics discussed include: The Problem with Pastoring. The Solution to the Problem. What Pastors Need to Understand. What Churches Can Do to Help Pastors Help Themselves. 

5/29/24 -The WHO Power Grab

May 29, 2024 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Reggie Littlejohn

The WHO Power Grab: Delayed but not Dead. We are joined by Reggie Littlejohn (Founder and President, Anti-Globalist International). Topics discussed include: The World Health Organization (WHO) Current Status. WHO Pandemic Treaty – Next Steps. The Bigger Global Coup Strategy. The Likely Next Steps & Response.

5/28/24 - Eternity Realities

May 28, 2024 • Jamie Mitchell, Guest: Ryan Day

Eternity Realities: What’s Down with Hell? We are joined by Ryan Day (Pastor). Topics discussed include: Why We Fear Hell and Need to Talk About It. What Does the Bible Say about Hell. Correcting our Theology of Hell. Is It Ok to Talk about Hell? Originally Aired: 3/5/24

5/27/23 - What Makes for Good Soldiers Yields Honorable Veterans

May 27, 2024 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Jeff Niklaus

What Makes for Good Soldiers Yields Honorable Veterans. We are joined by Jeff Niklaus (Founder, Compliant Technologies; Veteran). Topics discussed include: The Role of the Good Soldier. Approaching Life as a Faithful Soldier. Service and Support.  Originally Aired: 5/29/23