4/15/21 - The Re-Education of America

April 15, 2021 • Joe Green, Sam Rohrer, Merzamie Clark • Guest: Merzamie Clark

The Re-Education of America. We are joined by Merzamie Clark (TRINICY). Topics discussed include: The Influence of Public Education on Children. Christianity Triggering Others. The Temperature on College Campuses.

6/14/21 - Threatening America

Biden’s Venezuela Missile Crisis & The Business of Terrorism • June 14, 2021 • Sam Faddis

Threatening America: Biden’s Venezuela Missile Crisis & The Business of Terrorism. Sam Rohrer is joined by Sam Faddis (Retired CIA Officer, Author). Topics discussed include: The Business of Terrorism: Bakken Crude. Biden’s Venezuelan Missile Crisis. The Biden Response: What Next?

6/11/21 - The “Cult of COVID”

The New Global Religion? • June 11, 2021 • Leo Hohmann

The “Cult of COVID”: The New Global Religion? Sam Rohrer and Gary Dull are joined by Leo Hohmann (Investigative Reporter, Independent Freelance Journalist). Topics discussed include: Defining the Terms: Cult, Religion, and Allegiance. The COVID Rites of Sacrament. The Punishments. The Promise: The Paradise.

6/10/21 - The Forever COVID Specter

Panic, Truth, Suppression, and Coercion • June 10, 2021 • Marilyn Singleton

The Forever COVID Specter: Panic, Truth, Suppression, and Coercion. Sam Rohrer and Gary Dull are joined by Dr. Marilyn Singleton (MD, JD, Board Certified Anesthesiologist). Topics discussed include: The Power of Panic. Truth Suppression and Adverse Reactions. Coercion and Employee Mandates. Panic, Booster Shots, and Variants.