7/6/21 - mRNA Vaccines, Censorship, and Treatment

July 6, 2021 • Robert Malone

mRNA Vaccines, Censorship, and Treatment. Joe Green and Gary Dull are joined by Dr. Robert Malone (MD; Scientist; Inventor of mRNA Vaccines). Topics discussed include: What is mRNA? Social Media Silencing Dissenting Opinions.

5/25/22 - Deciphering the Sadistic Globalist Control Playbook

May 25, 2022 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Lee Vliet

Deciphering the Sadistic Globalist Control Playbook. We are joined by Dr. Lee Vliet (Truth for Health Foundation). Topics discussed include: Identifying the Diabolical “Plan of Fear”. Exposing the Globalists Playbook Fear Strategy. Describing the Plan and the Mission of Fear. Developing your Best Action Plan.

5/24/22 - Shepherds in Crisis

May 24, 2022 • Jamie Mitchell, Dave Kistler, Guest: Jim Ayers

Shepherds in Crisis: The Rise of Suicide within the Clergy. We are joined by Dr. Jim Ayers (Pastor; Chaplain; Professor Emeritus). Topics discussed include: Can Christian’s Get Depressed? Pressures on Clergy. A Biblical Response. Encouraging Your Pastor and His Family.

5/23/22 - A 2022 China Designed “Pearl Harbor”?

May 23, 2022 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Sam Faddis

A 2022 China Designed “Pearl Harbor”? They’re Ready - Are We? We are joined by Sam Faddis (Retired CIA Officer, Author). Topics discussed include: Compare/Contrast – Pearl Harbor: Then and Now. Overwhelming Evidence. The Response.