2/23/22 - 5G Technology and the COVID Connection

Part III

February 23, 2022 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Lee Vliet

5G Technology and the COVID Connection: Part III. We are joined by Dr. Lee Vliet (Truth for Health Foundation). Topics discussed include: 5G Technology Defined. 5G and 5 Areas of Physical Damage. 5G and COVID Connections. Protecting Yourself.

12/7/23 - Private Property

December 7, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: David New

Private Property: The Foundation of Freedom or the Cause of Crime? We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: Private Property: The Cause of Crime? The Biblical Foundation of Freedom, and Current Strategies to Destroy.

12/6/23 - The (Battle) Campaign of Armageddon

December 6, 2023 • Sam Rohrer, Guest: Bill Salus

The (Battle) Campaign of Armageddon. We are joined by Bill Salus (Prophecy Depot Ministries). Topics discussed include: An End Time Battle Overview. Armageddon: When, Where, Who, Why, What’s Next, and The Case for a Campaign. 

12/5/23 - The Dangers of Progressive Christianity

December 5, 2023 • Steve Harrelson , Gary Dull, Guest: Renton Rathbun

The Dangers of Progressive Christianity. We are joined by Renton Rathbun (Center for Biblical Worldview, Bob Jones University; Professor). Topics discussed include: The History of Theological Liberalism. The Specific Doctrines of Progressivism. Examples of Progressivism Today. Admonishment for Conservative Believers.