Things Anglican Podcast Season 1

Anchored in Christ: An English Church Plant of the Anglican Network in Canada

November 20, 2019

After 17 faithful years, Rev. Philip de-Grey Warter stepped out of the Church of England on September 30. He is the first Church of England minister to leave with a substantial part of his parish to come under Bishop Andy Lines, Gafcon’s missionary bishop to Europe. In the same way that many North Americans found a temporary ecclesial home in places like Nigeria, Rwanda, and Uganda, faithful congregations from the United Kingdom and Europe are now finding a canonical home in the Anglican Church in North America where Bishop Lines is resident. Hear his story here.

Ministry Redefined: An Interview with Fr. Greg McBrayer

November 7, 2019

Fr. Greg McBrayer is a bi-vocational priest serving, now, in the Diocese of Fort Worth. Growing up in Georgia, he attended an Episcopal church with his father and the local Baptist church with his mother. He later found himself in the Lutheran church and began seminary training. But the events of September 11, 2001 spurred McBrayer to push ahead and take more seriously his call to ministry, eventually landing in the Anglican Church in North America. Today, Fr. McBrayer is the Chief Flight Controller for American Airlines, but has brought ministry into the company through a Monday Ministry Bible Study. He is also the director of the DFW Airport chaplaincy.

Trinity on the Border: An Interview with Fr. Michael Jarrett

November 7, 2019

Harlingen, Texas is 15 miles give or take from the Mexico border. As recently as this summer, hundreds of immigrants from all over the world were pouring into the United States here each day. A nice city of approximately 65,000 residents lined with palm trees and modern development, Harlingen is neither run down nor filled with desert and tumble weeds like some outsiders might expect from a Texas border city. But it does face the border crisis daily. This is why Fr. Michael Jarrett and his wife, Dr. Erica Jarrett, moved to the city in 2015.