Greg Marrast

Children & Family Director

**Home Town** Winterpeg, Manisnowba **What I Do** Children & Family Director **Best Part of My Job** Working with an incredibly talented team and sharing God’s love with so many children. **A Few of My Favourite Things** Acting, singing, cosplay, superheroes, comic books, Star Wars

AVC Community (Missions Team) : Stories from Mexico

January 14, 2018 • AVC Community

Members of the Christmas Mexico Missions Team share stories and experiences from their trip.

The Words of Jesus Part 10

August 26, 2018 • Gary Best

The last message in our summer sermon series "The Words of Jesus".

Amy Flint

Kids Coordinator

**Home Town** Johannesburg, South Africa **Children** Jakob, 6 years **What I Do** Children’s Ministry Coordinator **Best Part of My Job** Working with amazing staff and volunteers that truly love our kids **A Few of My Favourite Things** Exploring beautiful Western Canada with my boy, finding vintage treasures, and eating amazing food!

The Words of Jesus Part 9

Gary Stephens

We continue our Summer sermon series on The Words of Jesus.


The Bible: The Ultimate Text Message (humble respect)

December 1, 2019 • David Collins

Bill & Judy Forbes


**GET TO KNOW JUDY** **Home Town** Wiseton, Saskatchewan **Spouse** Bill **Children** 3 daughters and 10 grandkids. **What I Do** Bookkeeper **Best Part of My Job** When the bank reconciles at month end! **A Few of My Favourite Things** Grandkids, reading, visiting my daughter in the exotic places she lives. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• **GET TO KNOW BILL** **Home Town** Saskatoon, Saskatchewan **Spouse** Judy **Children** 3 daughters and 10 grandkids. **What I Do** Keep track of all church donations. **Best Part of My Job** Solving problems, reconciling donations, implementing giving systems. **A Few of My Favourite Things** Reading, visiting our daughter and her family in the places she lives, computer programming.

The Bible: The Ultimate Text Message (Panel Discussion)

November 17, 2019 • Scott McKenzie, Gary Best, Deanna VanWoudenberg, David Collins

The Words of Jesus Part 8

August 12, 2018 • Sarah Bessey

Sarah continues with our summer sermon series on The Words of Jesus.

Heart of the Groups

OUR GROUPS ARE ABOUT: Cultivating family within our church body through: 1. Loving one another 2. Reminding each other of Who God is and who we are. 3. Supporting one another in the various aspects of life. "You are no longer foreigners and strangers, but...members of God's household." -Eph 2:19 DIVERSE GROUPS: We have a variety of groups. The current groups that are running range from a moms & tots group, to a worship circle, to a young mom's group, to a marriage focused group, to our many weekly or bi-weekly home groups. NEW GROUPS: Instead of focussing on getting people into pre-existing groups, we spend our energy creating new groups. If you are looking for a group, we suggest coming to one of the "Next Steps" classes that we run quarterly. From there, you will have the chance to join a group and start cultivating family together. JOINING A GROUP Joining a group is easy. Click on the "Join a Group" Button on the Home Groups page of our app, and fill out the info!

Lisa Stephens


**Home Town** Abbotsford **Spouse** Gary (AKA G-Money) **Children** Sarah who is married to Brad, and Mark. **What I Do** I help with the communication and some administration of AVC. **Best Part of My Job** Working with amazing people who love Jesus and others well. **A Few of My Favourite Things** Hiking, biking, traveling, strong coffee, the beach

The Words of Jesus Part 7

August 5, 2018 • Gary Stephens

Continuing our summer sermon series on the Words of Jesus.

Ruth (Gary Best)

Ruth 4:13-22 • September 8, 2019 • Gary Best

The Bible: The Ultimate Text Message (How to Partner well with the Bible - Discernment)

November 10, 2019 • David Collins

Submission vs. Offence

April 26, 2020 • David Collins

Gerry Hiebert

Sunday Coordinator & Marriage

**Home Town** I was born in Winkler, MB, where the sky goes right down to the earth. **Spouse** Sylvie **Children** I have 2 adult daughters here on earth and one waiting for me in heaven. Collectively, they have provided me with 9 of the most beautiful grandkids in the world! **What I Do** I work with many of our outstanding AVC volunteers to make sure that all the moving parts needed for our Sunday services are coordinated and supported. I also work alongside our dedicated Marriage Mentors to provide support and encouragement for the marriages of our church and community. **Best Part of My Job** The people! Whether the volunteers (who are the engine that drives AVC), the staff I have the privilege of working alongside each day, or the individuals I get to connect with through my job, it’s all about the people who comprise the Kingdom of God. **A Few of My Favourite Things** My wife, Sylvie, my 1 granddaughter and 8 grandsons and my daughters who gave them to me, creating photo-art, and road-trips with the sunroof wide open and playlists blasting.


February 23, 2020 • David Collins

Real Life (Fornwald Sendoff)

June 23, 2019 • AVC Family

Instructions for Christian Households

June 14, 2020 • Gerry Hiebert

Spark Part 6

October 14, 2018 • Gary Stephens