Walk The Talk

Journey through the book of James


Break In

Series is more about creating a platform for God's intervention, in meetings (ministry) and lives, than teaching through material. (1) Create faith that expects God to break in; (2) Create opportunity for God to break in.

Angus Buchan

All Christians are called to evangelize and reach out to the lost with the Gospel (Matthew 28:18-20), but some are given an extra measure of faith and effectiveness in this area. The spiritual gift of evangelism is found in Ephesians 4:11-12 where Paul says that Jesus “gave the apostles, the prop


A series on living an extraordinary life.

Sparkle Anchored 2017

Man Up 2017

Furious Love

Back To The Future

A Series Through The Book Of Revelation.

Easter 2017

Production and Staging

Uptown Conference

Knowing God

A study of the character or nature of God normally takes the form of a study of some of his attributes. God is the one great reality of man’s (and the universe’s) existence. We owe everything we are and have our very existence to him.

Making Poverty Personal

Leaders Summit 17

Independent Messages 2017

Kings & Carpenters

A series looking at the perspective of the major characters in the Christmas series

Leadership Snap Stories

The Kingdom Of God

The Messenger - Through Malachi

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit (his person and work) is one of the most important areas of Christian preaching. It may also be particularly timeous for our church and/or in the worldwide agenda of God in this season.

Sparkle #Infinity16

...and He has set eternity in her heart.