Sermon on the Mount - A Kingdom Centered Life.

This series will encourage us to go beyond the superficial and search deep into their heart to see themselves as Christ sees them. Christ’s bold Sermon on the Mount challenged his hearers to understand that God was seeking internal righteousness from them, not just external acts

Gray Matters

This three-week series helps us understand how to discern wisely and faithfully what is best when we don’t have Scripture’s clear direction or guidance. Throughout life we face issues that aren’t exactly “black and white,” and we need wisdom to help us navigate the gray areas.

The Beatitudes

In this eight-week sermon series we will look at one of the largest sections of teaching by Jesus: The Sermon on the Mount. We will examine the Beatitudes, exploring how Jesus provides us with instructions for living in the kingdom of God.

Honest Prayers

This four-week series is designed to help us explore some of the Bible’s most honest prayers. These prayers show that God wants us to be transparent when we come to him.

Love Reigns

To see the love that God has for us, we need to look at the cross of Calvary. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we have been given an opportunity to embrace the resurrection life. This new way of living changes everything for us.

Not So Secret Sauce

Looking for the recipe for a full and meaningful life? Although chefs often keep their secret recipes locked away for generations, the ingredients that go into living a life with purpose and integrity are not a secret at all.

Abide In Me

We were designed to live in connection with our Creator. Like a branch stays attached to a vine, abiding in a relationship with Jesus that is rooted in love, is the only way our lives can produce good fruit.


Have you ever wondered, “Am I wanted?” Have you ever said to yourself, “Do I truly belong?” Have you ever thought, “Does anyone really care what I do?” If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you need to know that, with God, the answers are yes, yes, and yes!

Recapturing Christmas

The true story of Jesus' birth is extraordinary! Yet, our familiarity with it can cause us to lose the awe and impact that this life-altering historical event is meant to have. Join us as we take a look at Christmas through different sets of eyes that will help us to recapture the good news.

The Lost Art of Gratitude

Many times the bumper sticker on our cars should read, “Life isn’t good.” When this happens, how are we to respond? Join us for these next two weeks as we take time to rediscover how to be genuinely thankful even when life doesn’t cooperate with our plans or meet our expectations.

Decisions, Decisions

Life is full of choices. Every day we have to make decisions both big and small. The good news is that the Bible gives us wisdom on how to make these choices and grow in our ability to choose correctly. Join us over the next four weeks as we take a look at how God says we can make good decisions.

Standing in the Gap

In today’s culture, it’s getting more difficult to hold to Christian values without facing condemnation and hostility. In this message series, we will explore the ways that we can live with both conviction and compassion properly representing Christ in a combative culture.

Powerful Prayers

Join us for the next four weeks as we are guided by the book, The Daniel Prayer, by author and evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, and take a closer look at Daniel 9:1-23 and other Bible passages that will help us grow, and give more life to our prayers!

True Devotion

A love story has a way of encouraging our hearts when we see the devotion of one to another. When that love story is a true story, it’s even more powerful. The book of Ruth shows more than that, it also illustrates the incredible devotion that God has towards us and this makes it vitally important f

Set Free

The gospel is the most liberating and life transforming news that anyone can hear ! Unfortunately, since the beginning of the church, people have tried to change the message, and as a result, it’s intended impact. The book of Galatians is a letter that addresses this very issue.

Tell Someone

When you have good news, you can’t wait to tell others. Christians have the most amazing news ever, and yet, many are hesitant to share it. So, join us over the next five weeks as we take a look at the good news entrusted to us and how it can actually be exciting to tell someone about it!

Meet Jesus

Most people have heard about Jesus, but many haven’t taken the time to really get to know Him. During this message series, which follows the Bible study called “Jesus” by best-selling author, Max Lucado, we will be taking time to get better acquainted with the Son of God who lived among us.

No More Excuses

Based on a popular Bible study by Pastor Tony Evans, this message series is aimed at helping us all grow as leaders. Join us for the next eight weeks as we learn how to become the leaders God wants us to be in our homes, at work, in our communities and as part of our church!

New Year, New You!

Let’s kick off 2022 together by learning how God provides us with the opportunity to have a new start and to pursue the incredible dreams He has for us and how we don’t have to wait until a new year but can experience these moments every day!

The Gifts of Christmas

Who doesn’t like presents at Christmas? Allow these four weeks to help you to discover the most important gifts of Christmas and make this truly the most wonderful time of the year!


Ever felt like you were on the outside looking in? Ever feel like you don’t fit in? Spend the next four weeks discovering how Jesus reached out to those who were overlooked, avoided or dismissed.