The Secret Battle

How we think directly impacts how we live. Too often, many people are not aware of the false views that negatively impact their thinking. Join us as we allow God’s Word to help us develop a proper worldview.

I Am N

Hear true stories of Christians from around the world facing persecution for their faith and how they stayed strong in the midst of violence, and death. During these six weeks, we will be explore specific character qualities the Bible teaches us to cultivate to be able to stand firm in our faith.


No matter what is happening around us, one truth we can count on is the fact that God is in control! Join us as we study the entire book of Daniel where we will learn about the sovereignty of God and be inspired to live a life of faithfulness and integrity in a hostile culture.


What is heaven like? Is it only filled with clouds and chubby angel babies playing golden harps or is it something far different? Join us as we discover the way the Bible describes heaven and how this reality enables those of us who are Christians to live with hope and a renewed sense of purpose.


Being a Christian isn’t easy. Jesus' teachings challenge us to a higher calling but the blessings of living such a life are unsurpassed! Take these three weeks to learn how the uncomfortable aspects of the Christian faith can be the most rewarding.

Love Does

Faith comes alive when we discover the extent to which God loves us. Join us as we take the next five weeks to explore the Bible’s teaching and correspond each message with the popular, “Love Does” Bible study by Bob Geoff and allow God’s love to change us forever!

40 Days In The Word

No matter what experience you have with studying the Bible, this series is for you! Based on Rick Warren’s “40 Days in the Word” study, these six weeks will be spent learning how to go about studying God’s Word, growing in our love for the Word, and seeking to live out God’s Word in greater ways.

Unwrapping Christmas

For many people, much of the excitement surrounding Christmas has to do with the presents under the tree and waiting for the day to arrive. It centers on the WHAT and WHEN of Christmas. Yet, the true joy of Christmas is found in the WHY! Let’s discover the blessings that Christmas is meant to bring

Oxygen Refresh

Learn about how to “be oxygen” and get refreshed!

Ghost Stories

Ever been startled by a bump in the night and wondered what’s out there? Join us as we embark on a journey where we will examine the spiritual dimension to life and go from apprehension to excitement as we share life changing Ghost stories!


Understanding the necessity of worship in the daily life of the believer and how it is integrated and reflected into corporate worship.

Five Years From Now

Ever wish you could look into the future and see what your life will be like? As cool as that would be, what’s far more valuable is knowing what steps we should take now so that our lives end up where we need them to be. Join us as we take a closer look at how God want to be at work in our lives.

Staying The Course

A goal of this series is to also help people to gain a deeper understanding of the book of 1 Thessalonians as they learn how to apply it to the realities they face in their everyday lives.

Identity Theft

Fear Not

Some Assembly Required

The Real God

Christmas Eve

Christmas Chaos


Inside Out