This is Church

A look at the purpose of the big Church, as well as Zootown distinctives.


April 7, 2019 • Scott Klaudt

Pastor Scott Klaudt brings us a message of boldness today. In the last installment of our series "This is Church", we're looking at the boldness that it takes to proclaim the gospel of Jesus. We look at ways the church has misused the boldness instilled by Christ, and what boldness looked like in the early church.


March 31, 2019 • Scott Klaudt

"Generosity isn't just something that you decide to do, it's a person you become" Jesus talked frequently about money. It's just as important today as it was back in his time. Our relationship with God shouldn't be transactional; we shouldn't give in order to try and get something back. We also shouldn't feel guilty or obligated to give. The main takeaway of today's message is that God has a generous heart and he wants to instill that same heart of freedom and generosity in us.


March 24, 2019 • Lindsay Dick

Today we've got guest pastor Lindsay Dick to talk to us about Identity. As followers of Christ, our identity should be that of a child of God. Our Father doesn't want us to feel shame, he wants us to sit with Him as members of a holy family. He wants to cover our shame and equip us do do His work.


March 17, 2019 • Scott Klaudt

Worship has somehow become a divisive issue in the big Church. Some people raise their hands and sing along. It seems we are focused too often on the ways we show our worship in a church setting, and that so often leads to a pride in the ways we worship Jesus. God created music, and it has always been a powerful vessel for joy and for proclaiming the word of God. We don't intend on shying away from that at Zootown Church. Worship isn't always joyful. Taking a look at the psalms we see that they are powerful models for the way we worship today. They're filled with joy, sorrow, doubt, peace, love, lamentation- the full gamut of our emotion. Follow along with the sermon notes here:


March 10, 2019 • Scott Klaudt

“Above all else, let love be the beautiful prize for which you run” Today Pastor Scott is talking about Love, the main thing that Christians are supposed to be about. We're challenged to answer the question, how are you loving? It's likely that we all have room to grow in love. The love that Jesus shows us is a free love; not earned by anything we've done, and not exclusive to any one person.


March 3, 2019 • Scott Klaudt

Today we're talking about the necessity of hope in today's world, and how it's the place of the Church to promote our blessed hope of Jesus Christ.


February 24, 2019 • Scott Klaudt

In this message, pastor Scott Klaudt talks about the most crucial part of Church -- Faith. We're looking primarily at the father of faith, Abraham; a sinful and doubtful person who is still the pillar of faith we look to so many years later.


February 17, 2019 • Scott Klaudt

The Church is called to “Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you" (Romans 12: 2). Today we're looking at this passage and a few others in a new light, hoping to make the Church a place of encouragement and positivity.


February 10, 2019 • Scott Klaudt

"For where two or three gather together in My name, there am I with them" Pastor Scott Klaudt is starting a new series called "This is Church", where we're looking at what makes the Church more than just a building, or an event that happens once or twice a week.