Stand Alone Sermons

Various sermons not part of a series

Fruit of the Spirit_Gentleness, Self-Control

September 5, 2021 • Pastor Scott • Matthew 21

We are called to be bold, strong, and unashamed followers of Jesus in this world, who zealously stand and fight for truth and righteousness with a spirit of gentleness and self-control.

Fruit of the Spirit_Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness

August 29, 2021 • Pastor Scott

Our God is kind, He is good, He is faithful; and He has called us, as His redeemed children, to bear the fruits of kindness, goodness, and faithfulness in our lives!

Fruit of the Spirit_Patience

August 22, 2021 • Pastor Scott • Psalm 37

As Christ followers, we are called to patiently endure the many challenges of life. With the help and power of the Holy Spirit, we must learn to be patient with others and to wait upon the timing of the Lord.

Fruit of the Spirit_Joy & Peace

August 15, 2021 • Pastor Scott

In a world that is longing for true and lasting joy and peace, Jesus Christ has declared Himself the answer. As followers of Christ, these fruits of Joy and Peace are to be evident in our lives because we know Christ and have a growing relationship with Him.

Fruit of the Spirit_Love

August 8, 2021 • Galatians 5

As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we must remember that we have been called to go and bear good fruit for the glory of the http://father...and the greatest of these is love!

Fruit of the Spirit_Grace

August 1, 2021 • Pastor Scott • Galatians 5

The Doctrine of Justfication by Faith is at the heart of true fruitfulness for Christians. For it is out of the heart that has been forever changed by Grace alone...through Faith http://alone...in Christ alone - that the Holy Spirit is then empowered to produce good fruit in our lives, unto the glory of God.

Knowing God's Will

October 18, 2020 • Pastor Scott

How can we know God's will? How can we be better at discerning God's will for our lives?


July 26, 2020 • Pastor Scott

Sermon from our July 26, 2020 Outdoor Service

Loving for Unity

May 3, 2020 • Pastor Scott

In the midst of frustrating and difficult times, as Christians we must learn to be on guard against divisions and fighting over matters of personal convictions and preferences. Rather, the Word of God calls us to strive for unity as the family of God.

Facing Fear pt. 3

April 19, 2020 • Pastor Scott

Building upon the foundation of the fear of the Lord and courageous faith, we add one more weapon to our arsenal in helping us to walk in victory against the spirit of fear in our lives - Godly Confidence that comes from a consistent prayer life.

Facing Fear pt.2

April 5, 2020 • Pastor Scott

In this second message in our series on facing fear, we build upon the foundation of the Fear of the Lord as we look at developing courageous faith in our lives.

Facing Fear pt.1

March 29, 2020 • Pastor Scott

In the battle to walk victoriously over the spirit of fear, the Christian must understand and grow in the Fear of the Lord.

Uncertain Times

March 22, 2020 • Pastor Scott

In Luke 12, Jesus gives us some helpful insight in navigating uncertain times like the one we find ourselves in today.

Peace In The Midst of Chaos

March 15, 2020 • Pastor Scott