Current Sermon Series

Sermons from our current weekend services

The Humble Servant - John 13 pt. 1

February 18, 2024 • Pastor Scott • John 13:1–17

Humility is a character trait that is rarely seen in our culture anymore. However, it is a trait praised by Christ and modeled for us by Christ. Jesus is the Humble Servant who came to give His life as the sacrifice for our sins, and as followers of Christ, we are called to follow His example and humbly serve others. 

Jesus's Farewell Sermon John 12 pt. 6

December 31, 2023 • Pastor Scott • John 12:20–50

The life and ministry of Jesus was unlike anything this world has ever known, and although many believed, still, the Scriptures record for us that many people did not believe. As we look at this farewell sermon by Christ, we want to be mindful of the sin of unbelief and work to guard our hearts against it. 

Following Jesus: A Call to Faithfulness - John 12 pt. 5

December 17, 2023 • Pastor Scott • John 12:20–36

Faithfulness and dependability are things that people look for in everything from a car to a spouse. So it should be no surprise to us that God is looking for faithfulness from us as well. Jesus modeled faihfulness in His life and calls us to follow in His footsteps as we learn to be faithful followers of Christ in this world.

Following Jesus: A Call to Die John 12 pt. 4

December 3, 2023 • Pastor Scott • John 12:20–26

There are varying definitions, in our world today, of what it means to be a Christian. Some people base their definitions off of what they've heard or maybe been taught. And then again, some just base it off of what they feel or think. But thankfully, Jesus did not leave us in the dark regarding what it means to follow him. In fact, he is very clear…to follow Jesus is a call to die to ourselves!

Envy: The Silent Killer - John 12 pt. 3

November 26, 2023 • Pastor Scott • John 12:9–19

Envy is a destructive force that can silently creep into our hearts, poisoning our relationships, stealing our joy and peace, and hindering our spiritual growth in God. But as followers of Christ in this world, we do not fear because we have the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord! The Word of God provides us with both the diagnosis and the cure for this insidious sin and the power of God in our lives is leading us to break the hold of envy in our lives.

Misunderstood Messiah - John 12 pt.2

November 12, 2023 • John 12:9–36

As we look at the Triumphal Entry story, we learn that Jesus is indeed the Promised Messiah-King, but He is a misunderstood Messiah. The people of that day expected a triumphant earthly king who would deliver them from Roman oppression. But they missed the spiritual significance of His entry. They misunderstood Jesus and his mission. For, Jesus the Messiah, came to bring spiritual salvation from sin’s tyranny, not political salvation from the tyranny of Rome

Extravagant Worshipers - John 12 pt.1

November 5, 2023 • Pastor Scott • John 12:1–8

Worship is an expression…an expression of honor, of love, of gratitude for who God is and what he does. Worship is the only right response to who God is and worship is supposed to be a key component in the life of a Christian. And here in John 12, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus give us three ways we can express extravagant worship to Jesus in our lives.

Faith, Fear, and a Sovereign God - John 11 pt. 3

October 29, 2023 • Pastor Scott • John 11:45–57

The Bible teaches us that God is Sovereign, and yet, at the same time we are still responsible for our words and actions. The religious leaders in John 11 reject Jesus and then, in their stubbornness and sin, plot to kill him. They are guilty and culpable for their sinful decisions and actions, and yet Scripture affirms that God is Sovereignly working through it all to bring about His plan of Salvation though the cross of Jesus Christ.

The Raising of Lazarus: Death and New Life - John 11 pt. 2

October 22, 2023 • Pastor Scott • John 11:1–44

The story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead is a good reminder of the reality of death that every person must face. Death is an enemy that Christ came to defeat and defeat it He did, for He is the Resurrection and the Life! Through Christ death has been defeated and we have the hope and promise of new life and of eternal life in Christ Jesus. 

The Raising of Lazarus: Our Plan vs. God's Plan - John 11 pt. 1

October 8, 2023 • Pastor Scott • John 11:1–27

God is Sovereign, and yet, in His Sovereignty, God has given us the biblical responsibility to make decisions and plans in our lives. But what do we do when things don't go "as planned?" How are we too respond to God and what do we do with our plans? How are we to navigate the tension between God's Sovereign will and our biblical responsibility to make plans? We glean some helpful insight into this struggle from Martha and Mary as they learn to trust in God's perfect love and His perfect timing.

The Shepherd and His Sheep - John 10 pt.3

October 1, 2023 • Pastor Scott • John 10

We must remember that the Christian life is not just about our efforts to live by biblical principles but rather its about growing in our relationship with Christ, our good shepherd. We can’t divorce or separate the life principle from the life source. Principles don’t bring you comfort in the midst of pain. Principles won’t help us through the challenges of life, but our relationship with Christ will. To follow the shepherd doesn’t just mean that we try our best to do what he says, but it means we strive to know him and to trust him more and more every day.

The Sheep of the Good Shepherd - John 10 PT. 2

September 24, 2023 • Pastor Scott • John 10:22–42

What does it mean to be a Christian? What does it mean to be a follower of Christ? In John 10, Jesus says that his sheep will know him, they will know his voice, and they will follow him. He says that he will give his sheep eternal life and that no one can snatch them from his hand. As we consider these profound words of Christ, we would do well to evaluate our lives and our claims…to be his sheep!

The Good Shepherd - John 10 pt. 1

September 10, 2023 • Pastor Scott • John 10:1–21

Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd and as the Good Shepherd, he calls us by name, he laid down His life for us, and he desires an intimate relationship with each one of us. In a world fraught with uncertainties, distractions, and dangers, let us continually seek His voice, trust in His protection, and rest in His unwavering love.

True Spiritual Sight - John 9 pt.2

September 3, 2023 • Pastor Scott • John 9

There are plenty of people in the world today who have physical sight yet they are spirtually blind. In other words, they can see things with the natural eye but they are blind to things of God and who Jesus is. The Bible teaches us that this "spiritual blindness" affects all of us and that our only hope for true spiritual sight in found in Jesus Christ! 

Thinking Biblically About Suffering John 9 pt. 1

August 20, 2023 • Pastor Scott • John 9:1–7

As we consider thehealing of the man born blind here in John 9, it is imperative that we don't miss the exchange between the disciples and Jesus. Do we have an outlook similar to the disciples or one more like the Lord Jesus? As followers of Christ in this world, we must learn to think more biblically about trials and suffering in our lives.