Best Christmas Ever 2020

Strong In The Lord

December 13, 2020 • Pastor Scott

In a year of uncertainty, darkness, and division; we are purposing in our hearts to celebrate Jesus with all we've got - to make this the best Christmas ever! The Bible teaches us a lot about the fraility of life on this broken planet and yet, the Bible also calls us in the midst of this reality to be people of courage and confidence in Christ.

The Wonder of Christmas

December 24, 2023 • Pastor Scott

As we approach yet another Christmas season, let us work to guard our hearts from becoming so desensitized, from familiarity to the Christmas story and traditions, that we miss the awe and wonder of Christmas and the story of our Incarnate God. 

He Shall Be Called...A Christmas Eve Reflection on Isaiah 9:6

December 24, 2022 • Isaiah 9:6

God wants to communicate to us through the names He gives for His Son. So then, we must consider... how has God the Father chosen to identify His Son and…how should we respond to what God has revealed…and what happens if we ignore it? 

The Indescribable Gift

December 24, 2021