1) Introduction to the End Times

The REVELATION of JESUS • August 24, 2014 • Dr. Steve Foss

The Book of Revelation is ALL about the Revelation of who Jesus is and what He will accomplish in the End-Times as He is coming for His Bride. This Study is one of the most comprehensive, revelation filled, studies of the Book of Revelation ever made publically available.

2) Rev 1:1-3 The Revelation of Jesus

Dr. Steve Foss

There are 30 amazing attributes of Jesus described in the first 3 chapters of Revelation. Each of these attributes are full of deep revelation about the character, nature, and beauty of God.

3) Rev 1:4 Who was and Is and Is to Come

Dr. Steve Foss

4) Rev 1:4 The Seven Spirits of God

Dr. Steve Foss

5) Rev 1:5 The Christ the anointed One

Christ and the First Born from the dead • Dr. Steve Foss

6) Rev 1:5 Faithful Witness

Dr. Steve Foss

7) Rev 1:5 To Him who Loved us

Ruler of the Kings of the Earth • Dr. Steve Foss

8) Rev 1:5b-6 Washed us from our sins in His own Blood

He has made us Kings and Priest • Dr. Steve Foss

9) Rev 1:7 Behold, He is coming with clouds

Dr. Steve Foss

10) Rev 1:8 I am the Alpha and the Omega

Dr. Steve Foss

11) Rev 1:9 Patient Endurance

Dr. Steve Foss

12) Rev 1:10 The Voice as of a Trumpet

Dr. Steve Foss

13) Rev 1:12-13 Son of Man pt 1

Dr. Steve Foss

14) Rev 1:12-13 The son of Man part 2

November 18, 2014 • Dr. Steve Foss

15) Rev 1:14 Eyes of Fire pt 1

Dr. Steve Foss