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Fighting The Dragons In Your Personal Life

Jeanne Mayo

Like it or not, we are all capable of falling spiritually. That's why this leadership mentoring is SO important. Taken in part from what I have observed through the years, and also from Wayde Goodall's book, Why Great Men Fail, this teaching walks through 18 minefields that make you more susceptible to moral failure. We can all indicate areas where we are more VULNERABLE to moral failure due to certain patterns, tendencies, or personality leanings in our own lives. It behooves us to "put guard rails" around these areas. To be "for-warned" is to be "for-armed." It may not be a fun or exciting topic per-say, but it could very well be one that saves your ministry and personal walk with the Lord.

Knowing How And When To Move On

Jeanne Mayo

Our society many times makes us restless, thinking we need to move on from our present circumstances simply because we've become bored or unsatisfied. If we're not careful, we'll never stay one place long enough to make hell nervous. However, there are times, when the Lord is calling us to move on. In this season of my life, I have had the honor to help walk some fine folks through times of transition. Sometimes the transitions were due to a new opportunity arising, being released, or truly a feeling moved on by the Holy Spirit. So along the way, there are a few different things I've learned that I want to share with you in this invaluable resource. In this Leadership Resource, "Knowing How and When To Move On," let me challenge some of your thoughts when it comes to how to walk through transition effectively. If there's one thing I've learned in my 50+ years in ministry, it's that if you are faithful to do the KNOWN will of God today, God will be faithful to reveal his UNKNOWN will tomorrow.

Questions To Ask Before They Buy The Ring

Jeanne Mayo

This coaching resource deals with one of your most crucial roles in youth ministry, but probably one we haven't given a great deal of thought to. I've entitled it, "Questions To Ask Before They Buy The Ring." It's my way to help you avoid a high percentage of engagement disasters. In all honesty, most people put more reasoned thought into the choice of a car or a home than they do into their choice of a lifelong mate. So I share with you, ten simple questions that you can ask your seriously dating single adults before they "pop the big question." These simple ten questions will give invaluable specifics to help cut through the fantasy world of a "Cinderella romance." Happy listening! This teaching may someday save one of your students from a tragic mistake. So please take it seriously.

The Biggest Trap In Christian Leadership

Jeanne Mayo

I often hear youth pastors say to me... "If people really knew how infrequent and lame my own personal devotional life is, I would be kicked out of the ministry! (at least, I SHOULD be.)" ...OR... "NUMBERS seem the be the big deal to my pastor...and true intimacy with Christ is rarely (if ever) focused on from a leadership perspective. What gets rewarded at our church is numbers and platform performance." ...OR... "I often feel very FROZEN and distant from the Lord...but no one seems to notice or even care."

When You Feel Like A Loser

Jeanne Mayo

Welcome to God's "Hall of Fame"! We can all feel like a loser more often than we care to admit. There's not one of us that doesn't go through seasons when we feel like our heads are getting kicked in. Whether it's because of fatigue, mind games, doubts, sin, or personal pain, I just wanted to remind you that this is completely normal.