When The Bionic Man Hits Bottom

Jeanne Mayo/Vance Smith

When The Bionic Man Hits Bottom Sometimes, like the original Bionic Man, Elijah, we become emotionally drained as we use everything within us to boldly serve the Lord. In times like those, the Lord often has to lead us into the desert, so we can hear His still small voice, that will love us back to SPIRITUAL SANITY. 1. An overview of the 1 Kings 18 account of Elijah at Mt Carmel. 2. Then the Bionic Guy, Elijah, faces off with Jezebel: 3. ELIJAH LEAVES HIS SERVANT BEHIND and sends himself ALONE into the desert. (1 Kings 19:3-4) 4. We forget in the desert and isolation that God’s name is, “I AM THAT I AM.” NOT “I DO that I DO!” 5. What are some of God’s answers when we, as the bionic leaders, hit bottom? 6. Jesus has come to LOVE YOU BACK TO SPIRITUAL SANITY.

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