Welcome to Generation Z - Part 2

Headlines and Consequences of dealing with Generation Z

Jeanne Mayo/Vance Smith

1. Generation Z has been under raised by very protective and often “loose” parents. Generation Z is hungry to be mentored, led, and parented by people that are willing to earn the right to be heard in their lives. 2.Generation Z has been cheated out of most experiences of a “true childhood.” 3.The soundtrack of Generation Z’s entire life is the media and they are constantly surrounded by it. 4.Generation Z is defined as the first generation to be deeply “pornified” by the age of 8. Porn is the wallpaper of their life. 5.Generation Z is lost spiritually. They have no memory of the Gospel. 6.Generation Z is leaderless. Little if any discussion is coming from their families and even less wisdom is coming from the internet.

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