A Culture of Promise: Remind

August 10, 2014

August 10, 2014 • Pastor Lance Bane

In building a Culture of Promise it's critical that we REMIND ourselves of who God is for us as we consider Him, speak words of faith and experience His love.

A Culture of Promise - Receive

August 31, 2014 • August 31, 2014 • Pastor Lance Bane

A Culture of Promise is so imporant, but it only works if it is empowered by THE Promise....Holy Spirit. In this message we discuss how Holy Spirit is our Helper, Friend, God and how He is pentecostal.

A Culture of Promise - Rehearse

August 24, 2014 • August 24, 2014 • Pastor Lance Bane

God commanded the Israelites to set up a memorial in Joshua 4 after they crossed the Jordan River during flood stage. He did so, so that generations after them would see the memorial and remember the great and glorious work of God. Today we should set up memorials as well and remind ourselves of God's awesome faithfulness.

A Culture of Promise - Release

August 17, 2014 • August 17, 2014 • Pastor Lance Bane

If we are going to build a Culture of Promise, it's very important that we release our faith by sharing our story, praying, giving thanks and praising God. We are living for a generation we'll never see. Let's give them a Culture of Promise.