Shift: Environments & Encounters

June 26, 2016

June 26, 2016 • Pastor Lance Bane

The most merciful, fair, just, capitalistic, democratic darkness cannot govern children of light. There is a higher government for Christians and it's called the Kingdom of God. Government's two primary purposes are safety and empowerement. In Psalm 3, when David is confronted with his enemies, he experiences the environment of God's government and in doing so encounters the glory of God.

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Shift: Yielding & Repenting

July 03, 2016 • July 3, 2016 • Pastor Lance Bane

In 2 Samuel 15 we find King David running for his life because his son, Absalom, had created a conspiracy to overtake the throne and kill David. In 2 Samuel 16 David reaches his destination, exhausted, but refreshes himself. King David wrote Psalm 3 during this time. King David faced a natural enemy and in today's message Lance shares with us that our enemy seeks to take ground by finding agreement in our thinking. Lance shares with us the power of Yielding and Repenting and thinking with the mind of Christ.

Shift: Seeing & Perceiving

June 19, 2016 • June 19, 2016 • Pastor Lance Bane

In a new series, SHIFT, Lance begins to talk about the significance of seeing God when we are surrounded by increasing pain, enemies, trauma, etc. In King David's 3rd song, Psalm 3, he uses a "Selah" to pause in his song. All of us need to have "Selah" moments when confronted by life so we can see and perceive as Christ does.