Leif Hetland: Chair One Living in a Chair Three World

September 15, 2019

September 15, 2019 • Leif Hetland

In his classic “3 Chairs” message, Leif Hetland identifies how followers of Jesus can live a Chair 1 lifestyle in a Chair 3 world. This message will challenge your lifestyle and inspire you towards good works that will make a difference in the life of another person. To know more about Leif Hetland visit globalmissionawareness.com.

A Word on Pentecost Sunday

May 26, 2020 • Pastor Lance Bane

Let's Keep It Moving

May 24, 2020 • May 24, 2020 • Pastor Jered Murphy

Born again believers are filled with life and empowered to move in Spirit! These challenging times can make us feel stagnant or stuck, but in Christ we are never stuck. We pray that these 4 observations from Paul’s imprisoned situation stir your soul and help become a catalyst for you to move in the Spirit despite this difficult time.

Update about Gateway's Reopening

May 23, 2020

An update from Pastor Lance regarding President Trump’s remarks about houses of worship and Gateway's reopening.