‘Tis the Season to Sing

December 17, 2017

December 17, 2017 • Pastor Lance Bane

Pastor Lance teaches on how to help us find our voices, raise it, and SING.

We Are: A People Called to Love - Part 6

March 3, 2019 • March 3, 2019 • Pastor Angel Sanchez

Continuing the series - We Are: A People Called to Love, Pastor Angel helps us answer the question - "What are the hindrances to love and how can we overcome them?"

We Are: A People Called to Love - Part 5

February 24, 2019 • February 24, 2019 • Pastor Lance Bane

As a community in God’s kingdom, our highest calling is to love like Jesus did. Jesus demonstrated what loving to the fullest looked like. Our call to become love must first begin with us admitting that we need love. In this message Pastor Lance, identifies the four stages of becoming love and encourages us to walk this path to become love and to love.

We Are: A People Called to Love - Part 4

February 17, 2019 • February 17, 2019 • Pastor Lance Bane

We are motivated by love because Jesus was motivated by love. In John 13, we find Jesus posturing Himself as a servant King because He knew who He is, whose He is, and why He is here. In this message, Pastor Lance challenges us to grow in our identity, security, and destiny, so that we can love like Jesus did.