Snapshot: Horizons of Pain & Hope - Part 2

September 13, 2015

September 13, 2015 • Pastor Lance Bane

In this concluding message in the subject of maturity Lance shares about 4 enemies of the work we do as Christ followers and 4 expressions of Christ's heart as we serve and love others.

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Snapshot: Walking the Path of Responsibility

September 20, 2015 • September 20, 2015 • Lawrence Babin

As followers of Christ we have been given the power to respond with love and hope as we walk through suffering, love others and serve the community.

Snapshot: Horizons of Pain & Hope - Part 1

September 06, 2015 • September 6, 2015 • Pastor Lance Bane

As Christians who are maturing and attaining the likeness of Christ, we can live with a blind eye towards pain and suffering. God is not coming to rescue us yet, but has commissioned us with everything we need to serve the world, bring healing and hope, and build His Kingdom.

Snapshot: Growing Up without Giving Up

August 30, 2015 • August 30, 2015 • Pastor Lance Bane

As we continue to mature as Christ followers it's important to understand that Jesus uses an "Invite and Challenge" idea to help us grow up without giving up.