The Fearless Heart

Keys to Finishing Strong

01 - I'm Going to the Other Side

The Fearless Heart • October 7, 2018 • Jordan Gash

Have you ever heard God's promises or caught a glimpse of the plan He has for your life? These can be exciting moments when newfound confidence and hope rise within us. If we hold on to that hope and confidence in times of adversity, we can overcome the fear and discouragement that want to stop us. In this message, you will be encouraged to "go to the other side" and to defeat the fear that wants to undermine your confidence in God. #theFEARLESSheart #restorechurchyorkville

02 - Free from the Weight of Worry

The Fearless Heart • October 14, 2018 • Jordan Gash

There are times in life when worry and fear want to fill up our hearts and crowd out God's Word and His promises for our future. The good news is that we don't have to let worry and anxiety overwhelm us! Through our relationship with God, our peace can be restored and we can choose to continue in peace as we move forward in God's plan for our lives. In this message, you will be encouraged from God's Word on how to overcome the weight of worry. #theFEARLESSheart #restorechurchyorkville

03 - Living Life with a Sound Mind

The Fearless Heart • October 21, 2018 • Jordan Gash

Many times, thoughts of doubt and fear want to intimidate us and keep us in a limited place but Jesus teaches us in His Word that there is a higher way to live! We can let the truth of God's Word and the freedom that it brings into our hearts and minds instead. In this message, you will be reminded that God hasn't given His children a spirit of fear... His desire is that we live life with a SOUND MIND instead! #theFEARLESSheart #restorechurchyorkville

04 - Perfect Peace

The Fearless Heart • October 28, 2018 • Jordan Gash

The Bible teaches that there is real PEACE that is found in Jesus. This peace can bring calmness to our hearts and minds, even in the most difficult situations of life. In this message, you will be encouraged to live in the peace of God and to discover that you can always return to God's perfect peace, even if your heart has become fearful and unsettled. #theFEARLESSheart #restorechurchyorkville

05 - Heavenly Alignment

The Fearless Heart • November 4, 2018 • Jordan Gash

According to Jesus, the thoughts we think on are important and can have a real impact on our lives. In this message, you will be encouraged to align your thoughts and attitudes with what God has said in His Word and how doing so brings great changes to your life and to your family. #theFEARLESSheart #restorechurchyorkville