10 - Long Life Promises

Placing Our Faith In The Faithful One

December 3, 2017 • Jordan D. Gash • PROMISES

God has given us many long life promises in His Word and when we unite our faith to these promises, they powerfully work in our lives. As children of God, these verses should give us hope and a greater vision for our future. The truth is that God is able to renew our youth and our strength so that our last days are our greatest days! In this message, you will be encouraged about God's promises for long life and how to walk in them. #longlife #promises #youthrenewal

Revival, Part 4: Be Strong

Restore TV • July 28, 2020 • Jordan and Melissa Gash

Revival, Part 4: Be Strong Restore TV is hosted by Jordan and Melissa Gash and is a ministry of Restore Church, located in Yorkville, IL. Restore TV is designed to build your faith through times of worship and practical teachings from the Bible. New episodes are released every week and are available on YouTube, the Restore Church App as well as the Restore Church Apps available for download on Roku and Apple TV devices. Please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Instagram. Restore TV episodes are available on YouTube first and a video archive is available at www.restorechurchtv.com and on the Restore Church App.

We See a Church That Is Alive

Unshakable Vision • August 2, 2020 • Jordan Gash

01 - We Are Builders

Unshakable Vision • July 12, 2020 • Jordan Gash