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part-time administrator

Job Title: Administrative Coordinator and Financial Assistant Wages: $15/hr, part-time, seasonal hours (see below) Start Date: Negotiable, May 15—June 15 2019 Episcopal Campus Ministry—Raleigh ECM—Raleigh is a welcoming, affirming, and loving Christian ministry, which aims to foster worship, community, and justice for young adults in Raleigh, both collegiate and non-collegiate, alike. Occupational Summary and Job description The Administrative Coordinator and Financial Assistant will report to the Young Adult Missioner for Raleigh and assist with the administrative needs of the Episcopal Campus Ministry: • Bookkeeper (including accounts payables/receivables), payroll, and financial liaison to the board • keeping attendance and meal coordination and preparation for weekly worship/meetings, education, young adult leadership meetings, and board meetings • office/house administrator, stocking household and office supplies, and maintenance of worship and non-worship spaces (includes laundering linens) • handle postal and e-mail coordination for regular mailings • transporter, as needed for events and administration, with mileage compensation equivalent to yearly federal recommendation.

YEAH App User Guide

tips to navigate the app

When you open your YEAH app, you’ll notice three bars at the top left corner that take you to a “log In or sign up” page. YEAH is not currently utilizing the log-in features, so you can ignore that page for now. In future updates to the app, new features may be added. Each user will be notified if this occurs (and this page will be updated). If you get lost in the “inbox” or “settings” sections of the app select “YEAH” from the list to return to the homepage. The search tool to in the top right corner allows you to search the “people” section of the app, described below. You can also use it to search “frequently asked questions” and this “user guide.” The home page for this app is the page for YEAH Raleigh. At the top of the page, you’ll see “Raleigh” in bold on the far-left side corner. To view another location’s offerings, click on the Durham, Greensboro, or Winston Salem’s tabs. (To return to a city’s home page at any time, click the “home button” in the bottom left corner of the app.) Each page has its own clickable resource categories. The options are: Events, Hub Groups, People and Local Churches. Please note that not every event, hub group, person or church location is within the city limits of Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro or Winston Salem. We’ve included resources from towns that are near to each urban center, including Cary, Wake Forest, Garner, Burlington, Haw River, Elon, Pittsboro, Chapel Hill and Sanford. -The Events page lists upcoming events for young adults in the area. These events are unique (one-time) or annual events. Recurring events put on by the same group are considered to be “hub groups” and you’ll find them in that category. -The Hub Group page lists hub groups currently meeting in the area. “Hub group” is a broad term for any group of young adults connected to the diocese that come together on a regular basis. The purpose of each group is different. Examples of hub groups include parish young adult groups or campus ministries that gather for bible study, meals or conversations, and more informal social groups that come together for fellowship and faith formation. Hub groups can be open groups or closed groups depending on that groups needs. If you click on an “open” hub group, you’ll find the group’s meeting times and purpose. Each group focuses on a spiritual practice such as prayer or worship, service, Bible or book study, social justice causes, and fun and fellowship. Underneath the group’s description, you’ll find an email address to contact the group leader and inquire about becoming a member and/or attending an upcoming gathering. Want to find a certain kind of hub group, or start your own? You can curate your search using the drop-down options (“Regularity,” “Food,” “Spiritual Practice” and “Start a New Hub Group”) that appear when you click on the hub group page. Starting your own hub group gives you access to free “Planning Center” tools that make organizing your group easy. New hub groups may be added from other cities in the diocese of North Carolina (for instance, there are already some groups in the Charlotte area). To find a full list of hub groups and areas, select the “hub groups” tab in the bottom menu bar. (The icon looks like a checkered globe.) -The People page organizes brief bios and contact information for area clergy, lay leaders supporting young adults at area churches, campus ministers, young adult missioners, and hub group leaders. Each person has their own special way of serving in the church and connecting their faith with young adult needs. So if you’re looking for someone to talk to about your spiritual life, or you’d like to know more about a particular parish or group, consider emailing folks to make contacts in your area. To access a full list of people in the diocese not organized by city, select the “people” tab in the bottom menu bar. (The icon looks like a conversation bubble). -The Church Locations page lists the parishes of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina that can be found in each area. Clicking on this page takes you directly to a curated Google Maps page with pins designating each location. Clicking on the pin will provide you with each church’s google business page. The last icon on the bottom menu bar is in the far right corner of the app, titled, “support.” (The icon looks like two hands). This tab opens up a list of ways in which the YEAH community supports one another. If you have questions, want to send an email to the app creator, desire to know more about the Episcopal Church, want to financially support the app, or are looking for theological, spiritual, or liturgical resources, navigate this page.

Dane Huffman

Raleigh Campus Ministry Board Member

As a member of the Raleigh Campus Ministry advisory board, I act as a liaison to my home parish, Christ Church in Raleigh. I also enjoy putting my energy into outreach efforts, especially with St. Saviour’s Center -- a community organization that serves low-income Raleigh residents in the heart of downtown. During the work week I serve as Managing Editor at the Triangle Business Journal and enjoy finding new ways to share information in the digital world. I truly enjoy mentoring the next generation, so I f you would are interested in the evolving world of media and journalism, I hope you’ll reach out via email so that we can start a conversation.

Garden Freeman

Raleigh Campus Ministry Board Member

I’m an Engineering and Architectural Supervisor at North Carolina State University where I lead teams responsible for the maintenance and operations of the campus. My daily commute is on a bicycle when I commune with nature and God. I served as an Assistant Boy Scout leader for many years and enjoy talking to young people about best practices for good leadership. I am on the Raleigh Episcopal Campus Ministry Advisory Board and I’m a member of St. Michael’s church in Raleigh. Let me know if you are looking for leadership mentoring or connections to those two Episcopal bodies and I will be happy to meet with you.