Total Truth

A course in practical Christian Epistemology

What Is Truth

Total Truth - Session 1 • June 30, 2016 • Clint Scott

This week we will be exploring the roots of our biblical understanding of knowledge and truth as Christians. This is an area known as Epistemology. We will tackle this in five short modules. Starting with a definition of key terms, followed by a look at the place of philosophy in our study, this will lead on to the varied models of Epistemology including the true one found in scripture and finally a summary of why this not only underpins our worldview but has a very real effect on life in the real world.

The Divide

Total Truth - Session 2 • July 7, 2016 • Clint Scott

This week we will focus on the divided view of knowledge which in its various forms enforces a dualistic understanding of the world. This almost universally held position see the spiritual, emotional and faith life in an imaginary upper room while all that can be observed in the physical world is in a real lower room. In a sense the lower room relates only to real life from a naturalistic view point while the upper room is a dumping ground for everything else man experiences and claims to need that does not fit into the lower room. We will explore the history of this understanding, it’s implications for today and the Bible’s response, exposing the logical inconsistency of those who reject God and the unified field of knowledge as presented in the truth of scripture and reality.

Total Truth, Applied

Total Truth - Session 3 • July 14, 2016 • Clint Scott

This is the final session in our course “Total Truth, A course in practical Christian Epistemology”. We will continue to look at the unified story of reality we explored last week which we call Total Truth, as opposed to the relative and made up truth(s) of some illogical philosophies. In particular we will explore the application of the biblical view of truth and reality on the great questions we all share as Humans and the cultural issues of our day. Finally looking at our growth individually as Disciples of Jesus Christ and corporately as God’s people in the earth.