Passover Conference 2020

He is Alive!

April 12, 2020 • Revd. Rosemary Taylor

Pastor Rosemary Taylor closes out our special online Passover Conference for 2020 with the earth-shaking reality that Jesus the Christ is indeed alive and working on behalf of his followers today.

Go and share the Good News

April 12, 2020 • Pastor Dennis Greenidge

This Resurrection Morning Pastor Dennis encourages us to go and share the wonderful Good News about the victorious, risen Lord Jesus the Christ.

Passover in the New Testament

April 11, 2020 • WWMF Ministry Team

Join the WWMF Ministry Team in a biblical panel teaching on the Passover in the New Testament, exploring its relevance for us as believers today.

He Came to Make Us Clean

April 10, 2020 • Pastor Dennis Greenidge

Pastor Dennis Greenidge shares a powerful message about how Jesus came to cleanse us from sin. Watch and listen today as we consider God's great love for us in sending his Son to die in our place.

Behold the Lamb of God

April 10, 2020 • Revd. Rosemary Taylor

A Good Friday message ministered by Pastor Rosemary Taylor for this years online Passover Conference on Jesus as the Lamb of God.

Passover Conference Invitation

April 9, 2020 • Pastor Dennis Greenidge and Pastor Rosemary Taylor

A personal welcome to our special online annual Passover Conference at Worldwide Mission Fellowship by Pastor Dennis Greenidge and Pastor Rosemary Taylor.

Jesus Christ, The Passover Lamb

April 7, 2020

Watch in preparation for our Passover Online Conference