Breakthrough People

November 22, 2020 • Johnny Rodriguez

Pastor Johnny shares with us what it looks like when the church is a "Breakthrough People." We are not meant to live ordinary lives, but we live by the supernatural power of God.

Protecting the Supernatural

September 29, 2019

n this message, Pastor Johnny instructs us to protect the supernatural move of the Holy Spirit. The enemy is working hard everyday for the church not to move in the supernatural. We need to ask the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to be able to identify the things the enemy wants to use to prevent us from moving in the supernatural.

Breaking the Chains in Our Mind

September 15, 2019 • Johnny Rodriguez

In this message, Pastor Johnny shares with us the truth that we need the Holy Spirit to break off the chains in our mind that hold us back from living the life God has for us.

Use the Keys to the Kingdom