Provision Pt3

Releasing the Abundance of Heaven

March 1, 2020 • Patrick Baez

Pastor Patrick continues his series on giving. In this session, he talks about giving our gifts and talents. Talent goes beyond our natural ability, it is also the opportunities. we've been given. We are expected to serve faithfully in our talents. Listen as Pastor Patrick dives into our responsibility of stewarding our gifts and opportunities.

From Trial to Triumph

March 15, 2020 • Patrick Baez

Pastor Patrick begins a new Easter series on moving from the test of our faith to the condition of being victorious. If you're entering a trial or even exiting a season of trials, you will be encouraged by this message. Listen as Pastor Patrick reminds us that the battle has already been won in Christ.

Provision Pt2

Releasing the Abundance of Heaven

Last week, Pastor Patrick discussed giving God form our resources. In this sermon, he discusses giving God our time. God wants to have a conversation with you. Listen as Pastor Patrick shares with us how we are to steward our Time with the Lord.


Releasing the Abundance of Heaven • February 16, 2020 • Patrick Baez

In this message, Pastor Patrick talks about our giving. The focus is not what we're giving (money, time, gifts, etc.) but how we're giving. God is the One who provides, and He is the one who will rebuke the devourer. Even through our dry seasons, God is still providing for us and is faithful to provide every need.