2023: Manifest Measure Multply

Prayer Points for 2024

December 31, 2023 • Mark Durniak

This year, as we pray for one another, let's include these key points of wisdom in our prayer: First above all: trust that you have a Father who loves you. Be annoyingly wise with money Feel it all, and then forgive Never accept secondhand experience Work hard at something Eagerly desire others' success

Christmas Eve

December 24, 2023 • Mark Durniak

New Wine, Fresh Wineskin

December 17, 2023 • Jocelyn Pence

Old wine is rich, deep, and mature. But it is a blessing when Jesus fills us with new wine--energetic, expanding, developing, and seemingly reckless. When the new wine comes, it is an opportunity for our hearts to be made fresh and new as well.

Repentance and Forgiveness

December 10, 2023 • Ben Delgado • Romans 8, Matthew 18

Maybe you are not seeing the repentance you are looking for in people's lives because you have not actually forgiven them.

Forgiveness (Part 2)

December 3, 2023 • Mark Durniak

When you find yourself obsessed with someone else's mistakes, you may find you are actually struggling with your own value. This is not sourced in God's spirit. Faith sees all the incredible things that are possible in you--and in others--that have yet to exist.

Forgiving What You Can't Forget

November 26, 2023 • Mark Durniak • Luke 23

When others make mistakes, it is unlikely they are operating in a heavenly perspective. Unintentional wrongdoing is either out of ignorance (lack of understanding) or immaturity (lack of growth). Seeing people the way the Father sees His children is what helps us forgive, because we learn to separate people from their mistakes. They are His child. He forgives them by not associating their behavior with who they are. The Father does not connect behavior with your identity.

The Spirit of the Thing

November 19, 2023 • Mark Durniak • Psalm 24, Isaiah 6

When I focus on diligently working, I can trust that my Father is actively thinking about me and backing me up. We tend to have the mentality that our natural work is not spiritual action. But there is no dividing wall between spiritual activity and natural activity. Everything is spiritual. Everything. The spirit of the thing is more important than the thing.

All Healing is Supernatural

November 12, 2023 • Reece O'Connell • Matthew 7, Acts 17

Why do we refer to some healing as "supernatural" healing? Perhaps it's time to rethink this. All healing is found in Jesus. Regardless of its method, all healing is miraculous. There is not one road to healing that does not involve Him. The scientific community is unable to heal apart from His authority.

Walking with the Lord in our Everyday

November 5, 2023 • Jocelyn Pence • Genesis 5, Hebrews 11, Genesis 11

Job: Integrity and Repentance

October 29, 2023 • Ben Delgado • Job

A person of integrity tells the Lord exactly what he is thinking.

Faith that Walks with Wisdom

October 22, 2023 • Mark Durniak

Faith is the execution of the invisible things that are already alive within you. It is the decision to believe the voice of the Lord within you. A step of faith must partner with wisdom, because it works with the assurance and conviction within you. Wisdom is forward, one step at a time.

Faith for Something New

October 15, 2023 • Mark Durniak • Hebrews 11

God doesn't want to reduce Himself to simply becoming relevant to the situations we're in. He wants to focus on what MORE is possible, what is better, all that is available. When God speaks, it's prophetic--and He wants to walk us into something not yet seen.

3 Things the Lord is Always Doing

October 8, 2023 • Mark Durniak • Romans 1, John 15, Genesis 2, John 20

At all times, no matter the situation or attitude, the Father is loving you, forming you, and sending you.

Grace Is Your Teacher

October 1, 2023 • Kendal Trader • Titus 2

Grace is your teacher. You have the grace of God teaching you. Are you a willing learner?

We Are Not Of Those Who Shrink Back

September 24, 2023 • Mark Durniak • Hebrews 10, Hebrews 11

When we shrink back from living by faith, it kills our soul.