Finding Balance in Your Faith Walk

July 21, 2021 • Pastor Asa Dockery

In the transition between the Law and the Prophets and the fulfillment of Jesus who came to us full of Grace and Truth, there is a tendency for us to cast off restraint. An analogy to simplify this transition deals with a child or children who have been protected by their parents until they enter adolescence. Many times adult children will begin to rebel and resent the protection of their parents because they view it as control. Consequently, they cast off restraint and enter a rebellious phase. How do we as Christians avoid the phase of rebelling once we realize that we're under Grace and not under the Law?

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Terms and Conditions Apply

September 12, 2021 • Pastor Asa Dockery • 2 Chronicles 7:12–15

There is a way to release God to bring revival to America. As Christians, we must fulfill our part of God's promises so that He can fulfill His Word to us. God wants to save the lost and restore our land.

Be Careful Little Ears

September 4, 2021 • Pastor Asa Dockery

Jesus came as the Word of God veiled in flesh. We love Jesus and all that He had done for mankind through the cross. However, Jesus is also the Truth that must be kept in our hearts and lived out daily. While it is great to receive the benefits of salvation, we must be willing to obey God's Word so that we can inherit God's promises. Every believer needs this message of faith.

Hold onto Your Peace

September 1, 2021 • Pastor Asa Dockery

The way to have peace, even in a time of trouble, is to pray. If you feel anxious, pray. As we take time to be in God's presence in prayer, His peace will guard our heart and mind. Prayer works!