Mauka Lani gift drive

December 2, 2018

It is with joy that once again Grace City is collecting Christmas gifts for families who have children attending Mauka Lani Elementary. This is an opportunity to bless families in our community who are facing financial difficulty, and to give these families a special Christmas. See the list below: Family 1: Mom & Dad Girl 9 yrs. Boy 7 yrs. Girl: 2 yrs. Girl: 4 yrs. Family 2: Mom Boy: 7 yrs. Girl: 16 yrs. Family 3: Mom & Dad Girl: 11yrs Girl: 9 yrs Girl: 3 yrs Girl: 2 yrs Family 4: Mom & Dad Boy: 10 yrs Boy: 12/13 yrs Family 5: Mom Boy: 6 yrs Any gift that is appropriate for an elementary aged child is appreciated. * We are also collecting Gift Cards (any amount) for the parents. Grocery stores, Long's, office supply stores, or restaurants are suggested retailers. * Please bring your gift wrapped with a tag indicating the gift's appropriate gender and age. * Drop-off is at the Connection Table. * Last Sunday for drop off at church is December 16.