Soul Care

Lasting Transformation & Freedom


March 4, 2018 • March 4, 2018 • Terry Dueck

Today we look at our last soul care principle, in order to set our souls free we need to break the demonic strongholds of the enemy. You have an enemy, but he has been defeated. We don't fight for victory, we fight from victory.

Overcoming Fears

February 25, 2018 • February 25, 2018 • Dan Doerksen

Fear and love cannot coexist. God has given us everything we need to fearlessly follow Jesus into the future. Discover what God says about our fears and the practical steps we can take to overcome them.

Healing Wounds

February 18, 2018 • February 18, 2018 • Terry Dueck

Today we look at the healing that often needs to happen when we have a painful memory from our past. Jesus takes what the enemy intended for your destruction, and will weave a story of healing and transformation. The question is, “Would you like to get well?”


February 11, 2018 • February 11, 2018 • Luke Hildebrand

Family Sin Patterns

February 4, 2018 • February 4, 2018 • Terry Dueck

Christ’s love is more powerful than our past! Today we look at how family sin patterns can affect the health of our souls, and how to overcome them so that we can walk in the freedom God has for us.


January 21, 2018 • January 21, 2018 • Dan Doerksen

What are you hiding? Admitting and confessing your flaws to another person can be truly frightening. Vulnerability isn’t easy. Yet it is our courage to do this thing which scares us which will allow us to find the freedom and healing that we long for. We live in the light and we die without secrets.


January 14, 2018 • January 14, 2018 • Terry Dueck

What lies do you believe about yourself? Living from your true identity is foundational to your life because what you do is determined by what you think of yourself. Jesus gives us the truth about who we are, deeply loved by God.