Men with Beards

A Journey Through the Minor Prophets


April 10, 2022


April 3, 2022 • Luke Hildebrand

This week we explore a fascinating conversation that Habbakuk has with God, that centers on a question that is familiar to most of us. “God, where are you? I thought you loved us?” The dialogue is at times, uncomfortably candid, and there is much to explore on how we build faith and hope through difficult circumstances. The book is three chapters and I’d encourage you to read it before Sunday


March 27, 2022 • Terry Dueck

The book of Amos is another collection of poems, visions, and messages from God to the northern Kingdom of Israel at a time when they were at the peak of their power, wealth, and influence. But where the world sees success, God sees something very different. In the book of Amos, we are welcomed to consider what worship really is, what we’re really asking for when we ask God to bring justice to the world, and how the world’s version of success is often very different from God’s.


March 20, 2022 • Terry Dueck


March 6, 2022 • Mike Franz

Men with Beards Reading Plan

Read through the minor prophets with us! Week 1 - Hosea (March 6-12) Day 1 - Hosea 1-3 Day 2 - Hosea 4-11 Day 3 - Hosea 12-14 Week 2 - Joel (March 13-19) Day 1 - Joel 1:2-17 Day 2 - Joel 2:13-3 Week 3 - Amos (March 20-26) Day 1 - Amos 1-2 Day 2 - Amos 3-6 Day 3 - Amos 7-9 Week 4 - Habakkuk (March 27-April 2) Day 1 - Habakkuk 1-2:5 Day 2 - Habakkuk 2:6-20 Day 3 - Habakkuk 3 Week 5 - Malachi (April 3-9) Day 1 - Malachi 1-2 Day 2 - Malachi 3-4

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