Brave Face & a Broken Heart

August 12 - Sermon

August 12, 2018 • Sean Brandow

Sean Brandow, Chaplain of the Humboldt Broncos shares his sermon "Brave Face & a Broken Heart" at the Winkler Harvest Festival Community Worship.

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Only One - 3 John 1-8

Sermon & Study Guide • August 2, 2020 • Mike Franz

Mike begins teaching through the first part of 3rd John. In the initial section of the letter, John encourages Gaius to continue to show hospitality to traveling missionaries. Hospitality stands out as a theme in this letter and we are encouraged to be hospitable towards others for the sake of the Gospel. The way we invite others into our home is a reflection of our Heavenly Father inviting us into His home.

Only One - 2 John 4-13

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The letter of 2 John punches above its weight. In this short letter, John guided a home church network through a crisis by helping them refocus on the truth that Jesus shows us about God, and His command to love others. How do we respond to this letter in our own time and place?

Only One - 2 John 1-3

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It turns out that the shortest books in the Bible are letters. But do we read them that way? This week we dive into the world of the Early Church in an effort to understand the New Testament letters on their own terms. Then we take what we learned to the second letter that John wrote to a church in crisis.