Culture's Greatest Need

Sermon & Study Guide

May 13, 2018 • Terry Dueck

Daniel does everything right, lives the godly life, and yet he still faces opposition and trials. In chapter 6 there are many lessons we can learn from Daniel on how to find strength and live with hope and faithfulness in a hostile culture.

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Culture's Greatest End

Sermon & Study Guide • May 20, 2018 • Terry Dueck

Daniel’s visions and dreams is God’s way of fostering hope among his people, even us today, who need to see the spiritual reality beyond their circumstances. Discover how the fulfillment of ancient prophecy can change your outlook on your life’s circumstances.

Culture's Greatest Culprit

Sermon & Study Guide • May 6, 2018 • Terry Dueck

In Daniel 5 the writing on the wall is a prophetic warning, not just to a King, but to all of us. Life is short, and how we live matters.

Culture's Greatest Sin

Sermon & Study Guide • April 29, 2018 • Luke Hildebrand

Our culture tells us that we are God, but in Daniel 4, King Nebuchadnezzar learns that trying to become more than human will make you less than human; trying to become God will turn you into a beast.