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Evangelism Tools for Christians Witnessing to Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses

Speaking to Mormons about LDS Church Deception

Discussing Gospel Topics Essays • Former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker

Former Mormon Bishop speaks to LDS about the new information that the Mormon Church has recently issued in their "Gospel Topics Essays" published at lds.org. What the Mormon leadership used to call "anti-Mormon lies" they officially accept as "truth" from the First Presidency. Learn how much the Mormon Church has changed since former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker was baptized in 1977.

Teaching and Witnessing to Mormons from their Own Scriptures

Using Mormon Church Website and Scriptures • Former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker

Former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker teaches a seminar on how to bring Mormons on a journey out of Mormonism using their own Scriptures and official statements from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Reaching Mormons with the Truth

Using the Mormon Church Essays • Ex-Mormon Bishop Lee and Kathy Baker

Former Mormon Bishop Lee and Kathy Baker discuss the Mormon Church Essays on the Mormon website lds.org that expose the history and doctrines of Joseph Smith. This information was formerly unavailable to the general membership of the Mormon Church and can be a powerful tool in reaching Mormons today.

The Cult Dynamic

What You Need to Rescue Your Loved One • Christy (Harvey) Darlington

* What is the difference between a false “Christian” cult and a heretical movement? * How do cults control the minds of their followers? * What can you say to help someone leaving a cult? This training session was presented to Christians who were learning how to reach their loved ones involved in a variety of cults. The mind control techniques discussed in this presentation are based upon the research of secular cult-exit counselor Steven Hassan who wrote the book, "Combatting Cult Mind Control," and Robert Jay Lifton who wrote the book, "Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism – A Study of “Brainwashing” in China."

Effective Methods Jehovah's Witnesses

Five Questions Leading Jehovah’s Witnesses to Jesus • Arnold Hoffman

Note that not every Jehovah’s Witness today makes as big of an issue over the “personal sins” point that Hoffman said they do in his presentation. Hoffman gave this presentation over 20 years ago and there is more emphasis on Jesus in the Watchtower literature today than there was several years ago. So while it is important to draw the connection between personal sins and Jesus’ death, don’t let it throw you off-guard if the Jehovah’s Witness you are speaking to does not react to this part of your presentation, like they did when Hoffman was witnessing to them years ago. Just continue to move on to the part about dealing directly with Jesus in prayer for salvation, and use the verses in the handout link to lead them to Jesus in prayer.

Frustrated with Jehovah's Witnesses

What to Do When You Are FRUSTRATED with a Jehovah’s Witness • Christy (Harvey) Darlington

If you are like most Christians, the idea of debating with a Jehovah’s Witness on the essential doctrines of the Christian faith makes you think of a head-banging experience in which you hit a “brick” wall with no hopes of getting through. How do you penetrate the mental “block” that Jehovah’s Witnesses erect the moment you say you are a “Bible-believing Christian”? How do you avoid the “bible-ping pong” experiences so common in Scriptural based discussions with Jehovah’s Witnesses? How do you overcome the common feelings of inadequacy that so often arise when the Jehovah’s Witness seems to have an argument for every point you make in a discussion? What questions can you ask that will challenge the Jehovah’s Witness without creating an argument? Discover quick conversation opener questions and discussion tips you can use as you witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Impossible Gospel of Mormonism

Getting Mormons Saved • Keith Walker of Evidence Ministries

Keith Walker of Evidence Ministries presents to Christians witnessing at the Mormon Manti Pageant a simple approach to getting Mormons lost by their own law and then leading to recognize the sufficiency of Christ.

Answering Mormon Objections

Manti Utah Street Evangelism Outreach • Christy Darlington and Rob Butterfield

If you are like most Christians, the idea of debating with a Mormon on the essential doctrines of the Christian faith is intimidating as Mormons are quick to claim that they are “Christians” just like you! How do you penetrate the mental “block” that Mormons erect against your criticism of the Mormon Church? Learn how to prepare for the common objections that Mormons raise against standard Christian arguments. This training session was given in Utah and presented to Christians who were learning how to share their faith with Mormons on the streets.

Discussing Trinity with Mormons

How to Talk to Mormons about the Triune God • Christy (Harvey) Darlington

* What does Mormonism teach about the Godhead? * Do Mormons believe in three separate Gods? * If Jesus is the Son of God, how can He be the same God as the Father? The Trinity can be a difficult subject for any Christian to explain and defend, especially when talking with Mormons who use Christian terms but re-define the concepts behind the terms. The fundamental issue is: Who is Jesus? If you have Jesus wrong, everything else is wrong in your faith. Listen as Christy discusses the differences between the Mormon view of the Godhead and the Biblical view of the Trinity. Topics Covered include: * The Definition of the Trinity * Why the Trinity Doctrine is Important * The Biblical Basis for the Trinity * 3 Distortions of the Trinity Doctrine * The Formation of the Historic Christian Creeds concerning the Trinity Learn How to Prove the Trinity from Biblical and Mormon Scripture.