The Heart of the Matter


January 6, 2019 • Paul Barnard • Vision Sunday

VISION 2019 “The Heart of the Matter” Intro: Explanation of the heart as a source of life in ancient times. *Pro 4:23* Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. -Solomon (wisest man in world) “with all diligence” “Above all else (NIV)” notes the importance. -We have a heart problem 1. *With Our Church* * We are not the end all be all of churches. * We should be about Kingdom not kingdom (Rutland) 1. *With Others* * A year of believing the best about others * You will be taken advantage of but you will also loved deeper than ever before 1. *With Our Unity* * United in Values, Vision and Mission * United in Compassion *How Do We Guard Our Hearts? * 1. * Plans make Practice (Decide)* 2. * Practice Makes Permanent (Discipline)* 3. * Permanent Makes Patience (Steadfast)* Life Group Questions 1) Where is your heart? What does your heart long for? 2) Is your heart in the right place, focused on the right things? 3) Are you at a place where you are ready to surrender your heart to God and allow Him to change your heart? 4) Are you willing to love others right where they are? 5) Is this the year that you will be a part of the churches vision to bring Hope and change to the hopeless through the power of Jesus Christ?