Filled X


September 30, 2018 • Brad Van Cleave

Filled 10: Get out of the Box, and Build a Bridge *Acts 10 - Jesus became the bridge of unity, the bridge of authenticity, and the bridge of hope!* *Jesus desires to have a relationship with each of us. * He came down from heaven and died for us. So that he may bridge the gap between God and us to have relationship with Him through his resurrection * Jesus rose form the dead * Bridged the gap between God and us to bring us into his presence * Sin is disobedience to God/separated us from God * But Jesus died on the cross to bridge the gap to his presence * Jesus wants to be near to us (have relationship) * God is looking for you. He wants to be near you and have relationship with you. *Jesus is the bridge of unity. * We all will face other crisis moments, conflicts and situations that demand our best to keep the unity - to forgive and heal. Jesus is the bridge to that unity. * Crisis and conflict in our lives is unavoidable * They take us away from what God has brought together * Jesus is the bridge to unity * We are able to forgive and be unified through Jesus * We must protect unity * We must forgive * We must work together * Jesus is so good * We have a strong desire to keep everyone together in unity * Love the people God has put in your church with you * Use wisdom to handle every situation * Bring peace between people * Be at peace with others *Jesus is the bridge to authenticity. * God knows we are a mess and will continue to make a mess. However Jesus came and died on the cross in order to lead us into an authentic relationship with him. * Good News * Jesus can help us live an authentic life * This generation is ready for the authentic * Being Real vs Keeping It Real * Just keeping it real * this is who I am... drink, swear, addicted, anger issues * God loves you too much to leave you where you are * Get real * drop the mask * be authentic * God knows we’re a mess * God gives us mercy and grace * Knows we will still make messes * Admit it * Don’t excuse it *Jesus is the bridge of hope. * The hope in which Jesus offers us is far greater than any hope this world could ever offer us. Hope is the confident expectation and desire for something good in the future. * Hope is a beautiful thing * Bring Hope to the people living in darkness * Bring the hopeless to me (Jesus) * Jesus is a LIVING savior today Response Jesus said he was the light John 9:5 Jesus passed that light onto us when he left this world. Go bring hope, bring power of Jesus to those in darkness.