WBC Men's Conference 2024

Grace and Man's Struggle Against Passivity, Pride, and Worldly Passions

Main Session 1

February 2, 2024 • Crawford Loritts

Main Session 2

February 3, 2024 • Crawford Loritts

Main Session 3

February 3, 2024 • Crawford Loritts

Breakout Session - Dr. Noble

February 2, 2024 • James Noble

The Bible is the most important book ever written. With his invention of the printing press in 1945, Johannes Gutenberg printed the Gutenberg Bible, making it the fi rst printed book by his invention. The Bible has God as its author, the gospel as its message, and salvation for its end. Every Christian should read and study it because it is God’s revelation of Himself, and the only standard for faith and practice. In our post-Christian era when biblical illiteracy is at an all-time high, the Word of God is still timely, timeless, and relevant. Let’s study God’s Word!

Breakout Session - Dr. Cox

February 2, 2024 • Don Cox

In exploring God’s grace and man’s struggle against passivity, pride and worldly passion, this session will be examining God’s Call to Purity in our lives. Purity begins in the heart, by God’s grace, and fuels our wills to live out this purity in the various parts of our daily existence. This session will seek to help us develop a vision and commitment to purity.

Breakout Session - Dr. McKnight

February 2, 2024 • Tim McKnight

“What do godly friendships look like? How can I be a friend who helps men grow closer to Jesus? How can I make friends with men who will challenge me to walk closer to Christ? Join my breakout for answers to these and other questions

Breakout Session - Dr. Fuller

February 2, 2024 • Chuck Fuller

Working from Luke 2:40-52, this session will demonstrate the way that Jesus disrupts and reorders the expectations we have for being godly husbands and fathers.

Q & A Session

February 3, 2024 • Crawford Loritts, Mike McMinn