The Mission of God's People

Mission 5: Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus

May 26, 2019

Our values are very important because they guide our decision-making. We often have values that lead us away from life with Jesus, but God pursues us with His love and transforms our values. As life with God becomes our greatest value, God gives us opportunities to share the gift of life with God with others.

Mission 4: Attracting Others to God

May 19, 2019

Part of God’s plan for renewing all things is for His People to live lives that attract others to God. But this can only happen when we rest in God’s love and embrace the fullness of the Good News of what He has done for us through God the Son, Jesus Christ.

Mission 3: Representing God to the World

May 12, 2019

Sometimes we experience public rejection and humiliation in our personal social space, and the results can be devastating. Through His death and resurrection, Jesus experienced ultimate rejection so He could be the Cornerstone of our unconditional acceptance. Accepted and forgiven, we serve as God's royal priests who share His love with a broken and hurting world.

Mission 2: Serving in God's Mission in Japan

May 5, 2019

This week special guest speaker Rae-Anna Hedlin shares about the mission work that she is doing, along with others, in Japan. She also encourages us to live in God’s grace and follow in His ways, for His ways are always best for us.

Mission 1: Knowing Who We Are

April 28, 2019

Your life is far more precious than you know. God created, redeemed and equipped you to join in His Mission of renewing and restoring all things. Failing to understand that can lead to us ruining our lives. But knowing who you are in Jesus will help you to engage more fully with God’s mission and live the fullness of life that He has for you.