Didn't See It Coming

Didn't See It Coming 7: Emptiness

April 21, 2019

Emptiness is the lack of meaning or purpose we experience when we fail to accomplish our dreams. By spending time reading the Bible, we can see that Jesus is always with us and at work around and through us to bring us hope in the midst of our emptiness.

Didn't See It Coming 6: Burnout

April 14, 2019

When we are compassionate and conscientious and placed in an environment that is stressful and frustrating, we are at risk of experiencing burnout. But Jesus invites us to retreat with him, reset in his love, repent of the lies that are leading us into burnout and reset our lives according to his love and truth. Then we will experience more fruitful and joyful lives.

Didn't See It Coming 5: Pride

April 7, 2019

Everyone has a blind spot, things about themselves which they cannot see, and often pride is in our blind spot. Pride is toxic because it will destroy the things we care about and harden our hearts against God. Jesus invites us to open our eyes and see the damage our pride is causing, and then bring the burden of that awareness to him. Forgiven by Jesus, we cultivate a heart of humility and enjoy a rich and satisfying life with him.

Didn't See It Coming 4: Irrelevance

March 31, 2019

When we are younger, we tend to keep up with the pace of change. But eventually, we set down roots in our personal preferences and let change pass us by. But we become irrelevant, we cannot share the infinite treasure of life with God with others. Resting in God’s love and learning from him and others will help us to share the gift we have been given with others.

Didn't See It Coming 3: Disconnection

March 24, 2019

With rapid changes in technology & our fast pace of life, we easily become disconnected from the people around us. Confession helps us to get real with God and ourselves and that can help us to become people of integrity who build rich, full and satisfying relationships with others.

Didn't See It Coming 2: Compromise

March 17, 2019

When the temptation to compromise hooks into one of our heart’s desires, we can find ourselves doing things that are destructive to ourselves and others. But the Good News is that God’s love for us is infinite and unconditional and Jesus came into this world to save us from ourselves and for a rich, full, abundant life with him.

Didn't See It Coming 1: Cynicism

March 10, 2019

Sometimes when we get hurt, we choose to stop trusting, hoping and believing and become cynical. But cynical hardens our heart against the people around us who love us most and against God. Our world is messed up but with Jesus there is always hope.