The Fulfillment of All Things

Fulfillment 3: Everything Restored

November 24, 2019

People often dream of a better future, but we want it on our terms and in our timing. The Bible helps us to reset our dreams, aligning them with God’s dream for all creation and trusting in Jesus to fulfill that dream at just the right time. With our eyes on Jesus, we dare to dream extravagant dreams of how we can partner with Jesus in filling the new heavens and earth with people who have faith in Him.

Fulfillment 2: The End of Death

November 17, 2019

Lists are significant when they are connected with the power and authority to preserve or give live in the face of death. In today’s passage, we read about a Book of Life that lists the names of all the people who will be given eternal life with God forever. Through His one, perfect sacrifice, Jesus has written our name in the Book of Life and erased any record of our weaknesses and failures. Therefore, we live with courage.

Fulfillment 1: The Banishment of Evil

November 10, 2019

Sometimes it can seem like the bad guys are winning and standing on the side of goodness seems pointless. But God has promised that, when the time is right, He will bring about the fulfillment of all things, including the banishment of evil.Therefore, we have hope, and our life story finds fulfillment in God’s grand story of the renewal and restoration of all things.