Life Shapes

Life Shapes 8: Living Life with a Mission

March 8, 2020

People are often intimidated by the thought of sharing the Good News of Jesus in their everyday life. But, in his great love for us, God has made living life with a mission very doable by preparing someone to be a Person of Peace for us. All we have to do is find them, build a relationship with them and watch for opportunities God gives us to share that great Good News of the redemption and renewal of all things through Jesus.

Life Shapes 7: Practicing the Principles of a Vital Life

March 1, 2020

We know what functions are necessary for an organism to be fully alive physically. What functions are necessary for us to be fully alive spiritually? Using the heptagon and MRS GREN, we can practice the principles of a vital life.

Life Shapes 6: Praying as a Way of Life

February 16, 2020

Sometimes our prayer life seems listless and empty. But God is inviting us to go deeper in our relationship with Him through prayer. As we walk with God, we experience the fullness of life that He wants to give to us through Jesus.

Life Shapes 5: Knowing Your Role in Life

February 2, 2020

We may think that serving in the church is best left to a gifted core of volunteers. But God has given each of us a gift to serve in 1 of 5 main roles. As we serve in the way God has gifted us, our life has more meaning, purpose and richness.

Life Shapes 4: Learning to Lead & Learn Well

January 26, 2020

Becoming the person that God envisions us to be will require that we learn to lead & learn well.  That is challenging because different styles of leading are required at different stages of the learning process. By following Jesus & learning from the way He led, we help fulfill the mission He gave us of helping make disciples from all nations.

Life Shapes 3: Balancing the Relationships of Life

January 19, 2020

All of us have three different kinds of relationships: an Up relationship with God, In relationships with the people with whom we share our life, and Out relationships with the wider community. But we tend to be weak in one kind of relationship, resulting in a life that is flat & out of balance. Jesus came to give us a rich, full life and he is the One who brings balance to our relationships.

Life Shapes 2: Living in Rhythm with Jesus (semi-circle)

January 12, 2020

Failure to function as God designed us can lead to burnout or a wasted life. But with a life-giving rhythm of rest and work that is anchored in and attuned to Jesus, our life can be sustainably fruitful.

Life Shapes 1: Choosing to Learn from Jesus (circle)

January 5, 2020

Following Jesus can seem like drudgery if we don’t learn from Jesus and pattern our life after His. But by using the Kairos Circle when special moments happen in our lives, we can more fully follow Jesus and an abundant life with Him.