Irresistible Community

Community 4: Harmonious Love

March 3, 2019

It is common for people in groups to develop an insider perspective which becomes a barrier to outsiders who want to join the group. When this happens in churches, insider bias prevents people from receiving the rich, full, abundant life that Jesus wants to give to all people. When we rest in the grace and love that Jesus has for us, he transforms us into new people who naturally draw people to Jesus.

Community 3: Gracious Love

February 24, 2019

We can think of ourselves as a kind, gracious person, but the grace that we extend toward others usually has limits or conditions or is reciprocal. But Jesus’ love covers a multitude of sins and he has grace for all people. There is no barrier to grace on Jesus’ side of the relationship equation, only on ours. Sometimes we need to get desperate before we receive it. In that posture of humble reception, we are then free to share that gracious love with others as the Holy Spirit guides us.

Community 2: Selfless Love

February 17, 2019

Human life tends to be a self-centred enterprise. But God calls us into community, which we need and which forces us to become more selfless. As we remain in Jesus and his love, he saves us and fills us with his love so that we have no need to try to save ourselves. We can love selflessly and together with other selflessly-loving followers of Jesus, we can be an irresistible community.

Community 1: Serving Love

February 3, 2019

The early Christian Church was an Irresistible Community, but today’s Church has become very resistible. By making ourselves vulnerable to Jesus and letting Him challenge & re-orientate our values, He will help us to be people that help others to experience Jesus’ unconditional love.