Courage 5: God Came to Restore Me

December 30, 2018

There are times in life when it seems like the really important things are being taken away from us. But we need to remember where we are in the new story that God has given to us through Jesus. Jesus has not only given us a new, rich, full, abundant life with him, he has also promised to come back to this world to restore us and all things, and nothing can take that away from us. Therefore we have courage.

Courage 4: God Came to Bring Heaven to Me

December 24, 2018

Fear is what rises up inside of us when we live in uncertain times & the things we value are at risk of being lost. But Jesus gave us a great treasure which can never be lost when he came to bring heaven to us. Therefore we have courage.

Courage 3: God Came to be With Me

December 23, 2018

All of us have times when we find ourselves in the middle of a mess. But the Good News of Christmas is that Jesus came to not only save us from our messes, He came to safe us for a life with Him that will last forever. Today's podcast contains a personal story of how God did that in one person's life.

Courage 2: God Came to Strengthen Us

December 9, 2018

All of feel fear when we face an overwhelming task. But God has given us the unconditional promise of his presence. When we admit our own inadequacy, we are then able to receive the promise of God’s presence with us and move forward, not in our own strength, but in God’s strength.

Courage 1: God Came to Claim Us

December 2, 2018

Fear is not something that we can avoid. But we need to have a game plan for dealing with fear or our fears will drive us to make decisions that we will later regret. The remedy to fear is courage and the foundation for courage is a sure and certain hope. In this time leading up to Christmas, we remember that God came to give us hope.