Jesus Stories

Jesus Stories 7: Generous Love

September 15, 2019

The pain we suffer when others sin against us means it is hard for us to forgive them, especially when forgiving them means we agree to pay the cost of their forgiveness. But it is easier for us to forgive others when we realize the worth of what God has already forgiven us.

Jesus Stories 6: The Listening Father

September 1, 2019

Sometimes it is hard for us to go to God and pray. As Jesus teaches about prayer, he tells us that because of our heavenly Father’s perfection, graciousness and goodness, we can pray dependently, shamelessly and expectantly.

Jesus Stories 5: The Wise Manager

August 25, 2019

We think ourselves to be wise. But Jesus knows that we need a major renovation in our heart so that we have a character, love and goals that aligns with His and, with His help, enables us to proceed through life thoughtfully and with wisdom so that we are able to make a difference now that will last forever. Jesus is ready and willing to begin that renovation.

Jesus Stories 4: The Great Inviter

August 18, 2019

We think that we know ourselves accurately, but we often read ourselves wrong. In the Story of the Great Banquet, Jesus shows us humility will help us to read ourselves accurately and see the mercy and generosity that God has for us.

Jesus Stories 3: The Unmixed Mixture

August 11, 2019

Sometimes it is hard for us to understand why bad things happen in this world. In the story of the Wheat and the Weeds, Jesus not only explains why this is so, He also shows us how we can part of making a greater eternal difference for good in the world.

Jesus Stories 2: Upside-Down Power

July 28, 2019

It is easy for us to look at the lack of positive results in our life or in the world and get discouraged. But Jesus teaches us that the Kingdom of Heaven has come to us. Though it starts out small and its growth is hidden, it will have an amazing positive impact in the end. So, we keep our eyes on Jesus and live with confident hope.

Jesus Stories 1: The Treasure

July 14, 2019

By nature, we are enslaved in using our lives, relationships & resources in ways for which they were not designed by God, so our lives need to be put under new management. Jesus came to give us life in the Kingdom of Heaven as a free gift. It costs us the privilege of ruling over our own lives, but when we see the true worth of life with Jesus as our king, it is a trade that we readily make.